Reviewer Larissa

Bookwinked is on a Summer Holiday

Goodmorning everyone. As you may have noticed, Bookwinked is lacking a few recent posts. That is because everything is a little on the hectic side. Both work and life are quite busy and as such I don’t have a lot of time for Bookwinked. So I have decided to go on a little blog vacation
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Author Articles: Interview with Alex R. Kahler

Today we have a new special guest for our Author Articles: Alex R. Khaler. I recently discovered his book Runebinder, a story that gripped me from the first pages. You can read my review here. I’m now well underway into his other books. When I contacted him (like the fangirl I am), he graciously agreed
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Author Articles: Interview with Megan Derr

Today we have a very special guest at Bookwinked: Megan Derr. As you may have seen, I frequently review books by this author and it’s no secret I like them. Megan Derr has been among a few “constants” for me in this genre along with a couple other authors. Needless to say, it was high
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