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Lookie who we have here! It’s the love and awesome RJ Scott, who took time out of her busy schedule as a multi published author and publisher to answer some questions!

Give her a warm welcome! *hands over hot chocolate*

10382231_633929963356756_1474801623858168197_oHiya RJ, welcome to BookWinked. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi guys, so happy to be here. My name is RJ Scott and I am the author of nearly seventy MM stories. I am a married mother to two (my eldest has just gone to University, my youngest is fifteen and has autism.)

You are the author of quite a few series and books in different genres. From contemporary to young adult to fantasy. Do you have a favourite genre to write in?
Contemporary stories, like Back Home, or Texas, or Moments. I love my action books as well, but these are much harder to write!

Which book is your greatest accomplishment and why?
The Christmas Throwaway – this book single-handedly had people noticing me and I will be forever thankful. And from a writer’s POV, the hardest book I wrote has to be Last Marine Standing and when I wrote THE END on that book I was so proud of myself.

How are your books given form, what is your writing process and do you have special quirks angel 400x600while writing a story?
I am a complete pantser. I sit and I write and it happens organically. I can’t plan because I find if I know where a story is going then I get bored and I don’t write as well. I always listen to music when I write, but it music I know really well and it kind of fades into the background.

Funny questions time: you are author-napped an forced to participate in an action-packed, braniac game show. Pick three of your character to aid you in your quest to survive the game show!
Manny from Sanctuary because he is scary clever. Alex from Oracle because he has powers. Hmmm… at third… probably Viktor from Sanctuary as he is my strongest Alpha male character!

You are also the owner of Love Lane Books. What is like being both author and publisher? Does it make your work as an author easier or harder?
A bit of both. Of course there is the extra work involved, but we only publish books I have personally read and loved and LLB is invite only at the moment. We are small and perfectly formed… ROFL… What it does mean is that I interact with so many authors which is wonderful.

It is almost Christmas. Do you have a favourite holiday themed book you like to read around9615767 the season?
I love all kinds of Christmas stories (I’ve actually written four, Christmas Throwaway, New York Christmas, Jesse’s Christmas and this year Angel in a Book Shop). I will read anything to do with Christmas and if I had to pick one book it would be hard… so don’t make me… 🙂

Is there are a story you haven’t written yet, but that you would like to write?
A story set in the world of Formula 1. I promised myself I would write one next year, but as the time grows closer the more wary I become. I don’t know why!

On November 28, 2014 the sixth book in the Texas series was released. Can you tell us a bit about where the series is going?
The series has one more book after this. It is a book I promised the readers. It will be called Texas Wedding and I will write it as soon as Texas backs same sex marriage. So there will be seven books in all. Having said that, I once said I was stopping at three. Then four. Then five… ROFL… who knows what will happen.

You have both stand-alone books and series (both in different genres). Is it harder or easier to write stand-alone books?
Harder to write series books I think. Particularly if there is a complicated world building exercise going on. But it is my series books (with the exception of The ChrismasThrowaway) that seem most popular.

As a last question, can you tell us a bit about your future writing plans?
I have Max and The Prince (Bodyguards 3) up next, then Deacon’s Law (Heroes 3). I also have the loosely title Ross and the Boss (Bodyguards 4) hovering after Deacon’s Law. In among that I have some co-authored books with Meredith Russell, Chris Quinton and a new possible series with some awesome authors.

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