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Comic Review: Skylin - Old Remants

Skylin: Old Remnants is the first issue of a fantasy indie comic by authors Frederick Packard and Joshua Valliere and illustrator Adam Cozart. I was offered the comic by their imprint Charon Comics and was intrigued by the first glance at the cover, but a pretty cover does not a good comic make. Lucky for
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Review: Be Still my Heart by Charlie Cochet

Be Still my Heart is the second book in the self-published Four Kings Security books. The second book focussed on former Special Forces member Red and Cole’s friend Laz. We met both characters in the first book (review)  in the series and the series now continues in this romantic mystery with some funny, serious and
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ARC-Review: Lock Nut by JL Merrow

This was one of my most anticipated reads for early 2018. It’s no secret I really like the Plumber’s Mate series and while the previous books were lightly edited and republished, I knew where things were going. Not so for Lock Nut, it was all shiny and new! The plot The story follows plumber Tom
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