YA-Review: A Change of Worlds (Killian Kendall Mysteries #5) by Josh Aterovis

Killian Kendall is back! And how! A Change of Worlds is one of those books I have been waiting a long time for to be published and now it’s finally here! Back in the day I loved the first books in the series and I went back to it time and again, even to the point that I have the books on my shelf, though I have to admit the new covers are very very cool!

On to the review!

The fifth Killian Kendall book mixes things up a bit. Throughout the series we have seen Killian grow up from an insecure teen to a more confident young man who’s been through quite some things and there is more to come in this book, but now it’s from a more mature Killian.

In A Change of Worlds Killian not only gets involved in an excavation of a Native American site to find out who is robbing it and murdering people involved in the dig, but he also learns more his gifts. Killian is once again neck deep in a mystery, but there is more. In this book Killian learns a lot more about himself and who he is through making mistakes, both in love and in the mysteries.

Like with the other books, the writing is solid, strong and balanced. It keeps the story flowing without getting lost in Killian’s mind or thoughts (and yes, sometimes that boy needs a swift kick in the rear bumper) or background info.

We see all our favorite characters again and some are growing up fast. We get to know Tad a bit more and how’s doing after the events of Truth of Yesterday (he needs an even swifter kick in the rear bumper!) and there is the thing with Micah. We also get to know some new characters that I hope to see more of in the future, like Jacy and his grandfather.

I really liked this new story and that’s saying something, because Truth of Yesterday was one of my favorite books in the series. I liked the Native American angle of the story and how it was worked out and involved in the story. The mystery was also well done. From the start, the author keeps you guessing as to what is going on and what side it is leaning too. From the start A Change of World draws you into Killian’s world and keeps you turning the page to find out what happens next. Be prepared to stay up all night for this book!

What I did miss was technology. My feeling was that this story was written a while back. There aren’t many teens that don’t use social media, but I could see Killian not using it, but for the private investigation side of the story, the use of a computer and (social) media in the investigation would have been essential. Though in the grand scheme of things, it didn’t make me like the story less, but I did wonder.


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A Change of Worlds Book Cover A Change of Worlds
Killian Kendall Mysteries #5
Josh Aterovis
young adult, mysteries, drama
MLR Press
July 29, 2018
A Copy was provided by the author

A routine archaeological excavation of an ancient Native American site goes horribly wrong when a tribal elder is assaulted. The attack uncovers tampering and thefts from the dig, escalating the growing mistrust between the tribe and the archaeologists.

When the tribe hires private investigator Killian Kendall to look into the thefts, they're hoping to settle the matter quickly and peacefully. All hopes for a simple resolution are dashed when the lead archaeologist is found murdered...and a tribe member is the chief suspect. Suddenly, Killian's investigation is a matter of life and death.

To complicate matters, the spirits of those who once dwelled on the land are furious at being disturbed, and they have very real ways of manifesting their anger. Killian isn't just facing danger from the living, but also the dead.

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