YA-book review: The Witch’s Reward by Liz McCraine

The Witch’s Reward is a story that has all the hallmarks of a fairy tale story, but with a twist. There is a prince, a witch and an adventure. The story is engaging, but a little predictable.

The Witch’s Reward is the story of Larra, who lives a sheltered life with her grandmother in a land where witches are an endangered species. If caught doing magic, all witches must be brought before the king. Of course, Larra has magical powers and is accused of being a witch. Adventure, magic and mayhem and drama ensues.

Of course there is no fairy tale without a prince and this story has Prince Christoff, the son of King Steffan. Or prince Broody as I like to call him, who has a couuple of things to learn. The story is a little predictable in the way that you know what is going to happen with Larra and where she’ll end up, but it’s all the magical elements and twists and turns that make this story interesting and kept me reading. The author shapes an interesting world with a lot of history in which two characters have to fight to make their own place in the world. I liked how both Larra and Broody, erh, Christoff changed and grew throughout their journey.

The writing itself was at times flowing and at times a little stilted with some over-explaining scenes or actions, but in the end I didn’t find it too bad as it didn’t take me away from the story. The book is self-published and for a self-published book the editing wasn’t too bad.

Overall I liked The Witch’s Reward and look forward to reading more in the series. It’s a good story for readers who like fairy tales, adventures and romance.

The Witch's Reward Book Cover The Witch's Reward
Kingdom of Aggadorn
Liz McCraine
young adult, romance, adventure, drama, fairy tale
self published
first published December 21, 2015. Second editon: December 18, 2017
A copy was provided through Netgalley

When seventeen-year-old Larra Stoneworth of Farr is discovered using her powers to save a friend, her dreams of a life filled with adventure and love are destroyed. Her only hope is to receive the king's pardon. Arrested by a handsome young captain, Larra is surprised to find that someone would try to kill her before she reaches the palace for her trial. She longs to trust the captain, but he carries secrets of his own.

In the face of constant danger, Larra must find the strength to survive and the courage to overcome a surprising new enemy who has the ability to not only destroy her, but the entire kingdom.

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