YA-book review: Marella by Morgan Sheppard

Marella is the first in a young adult trilogy by Morgan Sheppard. The first book is a short story, a novella really. The story is a set up for the rest of the series and introduces the characters and the world the story is set in, which is an interesting world. It can also be seen as a prequel.

The story revolves around the young Marella who desperately wants to become a water weaver and Daren, equally young and Marella’s friend. They are enroute to take the Test. Now this is something that will determine their future as often seen in many fantasy books. Kind of like Divergent, but different. The question for Marella is: can she handle what will happen?

Marella has all the hallmarks of a good fantasy story and to a certain point I liked it too, but at the same time the story never drew me in completely. I can see why people liked it, but it didn’t ring my bookbells. Partly that is because Marella was read between – for me – two very very awesome books, so it was hard to live up to their awesoness.

The story is engaging and has some interesting features such as the familiars / animal partners they receive. The traditions that are an integral part of the story and more.
Yet, I never really connected to either of the characters.

The writing itself is not bad, but there were some little editorial issues, but not so bad as I’ve seen in other self published book.

Now it’s on the the next books in the series and see what adventures they will have!


Marella Book Cover Marella
Wraidd Elfennol #1
Morgan Sheppard
young adult, fantasy,
self published
March 20, 2016
A copy was provided by the author

Marella has grown up on the Isle of Wraidd Elfennol, where humans, animals, and the very Elements live in harmony together.

Since she was a youngling, Marella has wanted to become a Water Weaver, gifted in hydromancy. At thirteen years old, she will go to the main village of Charon to take her Test, and find out which of the Elements she is strongest in. This will also determine her future.

Marella’s best friend, Daren, is also going for his Test. They have been best friends since childhood, getting into many adventures together, as their families spend rest days together.

Yet when the day comes where their fates will be decided, doubts and insecurities creep into Marella’s mind.

What happens when you don’t get what you wish for? And what happens if you do?

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