When demons meet. A review for Base Instincts by Larissa Ione


Larissa Ione is the author of the popular Demonica series. I have to confess, I’m not familiar with the series. However I’m always very interested when there is a m/m installment in a predominantly mainstream romance series.

And I have to say that I was not disappointed. Even without reading the rest of the series, the story was easy to follow. While the background is a bit funny and out there, it was a nice, steamy story to read.

Life is not easy for a sex demon who depends on females for sex – yeah I rolled my eyes a bit at that one. But Raze is inventive and has fire. He’s a strong character. Though life can be hard on him, as appears from the insight into his world. He makes it as nice as can be without any attachments.

A world which is turned upside down when he meets Slake. Like Raze, Slake is in a bit of a bind because of his heritage and a deal gone wrong. Be careful who you make a deal with! Slake comes of a tough and independent, but there is more to him than meets the eye.

Throughout the story we get to know both rather well. There is a solid insight into both characters and what drives them throughout the story. Even though the story is not very long, it was well written with a creative background and world-building that is easy to follow even if you are not familiar with the series.

However, even though Raze and Slake are fun and rather cool (and hot) characters, I couldn’t quite get into their romance. There wasn’t a lot of it to begin with as there was more conflict than screen time between the two. It’s rather from the story being told and the last chapter that the reader knows they fit together (rather well). I think if the story was a bit longer, the romance may have been a little more believable.

The author created a fairly crafty story that is dark and gritty with characters that are sorely in need of some love and happiness. From the story you can tell the author is experienced. The writing itself is strong and flowing and vivid. The editing was also well done.

I think fans of the series will love this interlude in the main series, however die-hard fans may need some more convincing.


Base Instincts Book Cover Base Instincts
Demonica 11.7
Larissa Ione
Paranormal Romance
Riptide Publishing
september 12, 2015
Netgalley copy

As a Seminus demon, Raze’s life literally depends on having sex with females. The problem is that he doesn’t desire females, and it’s physically impossible for him to be with males. Thankfully, he and his best friend, Fayle, have an arrangement that keeps him alive . . . if lonely. He finds some solace in his work as a medic at Thirst, a vampire club known for its rough clientele. But his carefully structured world turns upside down when he meets a mysterious male who makes him want what he can never have.

Slake is an assassin used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Raze. But he also wants to earn back the soul he sold when he was a much different demon. All he has to do is capture a runaway succubus named Fayle and hand her over to her family. What he doesn’t count on is being caught himself by a web of lies—and his attraction to Raze.

Raze and Slake must navigate a dangerous world to be together. But as Fayle’s jealousy of their relationship turns deadly, they find themselves embroiled in a battle not only for their love, but their lives and souls.

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