Spellweaving and magic breakers. A review for Spell Weaver by Megan Derr

What is the story about?
Spell Weaver is a short, but sweet cinderfella fairy tale-style story. In short – the blurb does a good job in not giving too much away – it tells the story of Myka. Myka is a little down on his luck and trapped in his circumstances, until things start rolling. Fairytale-style!

Is there a plot?
Yes, of course. It’s a short story, but it’s focussed on Myka and hi shop and his (illegal) spellweaving. The plot is not extensive, it’s simple, but it works for this story. It’s a little black and white, but such is the world of fairytales. There is romance too, a little drama and sweet loving. All things combined it just work for this story. What is lacks is a little world-building. Although it doesn’t bring the story down. We get glimpses of a steampunk style fairytale world with a palace and steam-driven carriages. There is magic too, hence the spellweaving, but it’s a limited view.

What about the characters?
There are not a whole lot of characters. The story is focussed on Myka and as such he is our main hero and the one we know the most about, but even his background is limited only to what we are told. As his story is not very long, both Myka and Johan remain mysterious to an extent, but they are in no way flat, one-dimensional characters. There even is a female character to balance the men out!

Did you like this story?
Yes! I may not be a big fan of short stories, but I love those written by Megan Derr as they are often (but not always) fairy tale type stories. They are short and sweet and just work for me. Myka is an instant lovable character even if he is all about doom and gloom and a oh-woes-poor-me person. The author often leave you wanting more stories set in that world, so it’s just as much about the world as it is about the characters and story itself. The romance is always sweet and the author is not afraid to write flawed characters.

Spell Weaver Book Cover Spell Weaver
Megan Derr
Fairy Tales, Romance
Less Than Three Press
June 29, 2016
14.000 words
A copy was provided through Netgalley

Myka's dream was to someday own his shop, making and spelling suits that were prized throughout the world. Instead, he rejected an apprenticeship with a master who proved to be reprehensible—and untouchable—and lost everything. Now, he works in a derelict shop in the wrong part of town, and it's only a matter of time before he's caught spelling without a license or thrown out by his odious landlord.
The only bright part of his days are the occasional visits from his best client, Johan, a man who works in the palace and always brings the finest suits to have spelled. When he accidentally leaves behind an invitation to the royal ball, Myka takes it, determined to have one evening where he can enjoy himself—and perhaps even spend time with Johan as something other than a spell weaver.

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