Something that wriggles and something that sparkes, a review for Wriggle & Sparkle by Megan Derr

This is one story I liked more than I thought I would. Going in I thought this would be a little darker since it included a kraken shifter, but it was fun, sweet, campy, witty and with action and mystery to boot. Spread over several no-quite-as-short stories, this made for a great humorous and romantic read. Yes, you read that right, romantic.

So what is Wriggle & Sparkle about?
On the surface this is a story about a kraken shifter who meets a unicorn shifter. An unlikely match that hits it off. If you dive in deep there is quite a lot more going on. Spread through several short stories, there is action, adventure, mystery and realizing your dreams and not being ashamed of who you are all wrapped in a romantic adventure.

There are some unique characters in this story…?
Hell yes! There aren’t many authors who can pull of a story like this. Unlikely pairings aren’t uncommon, but they often tend to shift into the dramatic and unbelievable. That never once happens in Wriggle & Sparkle. The author takes some very serious issues, such as a literally genderfluid character and makes it normal and part of the story. Without any fuss to boot.

Also, how many good stories are out there about a unicorn shifter paired with a kraken?

Lynn and Anderson just work together. Despite their differences they fit together and make it work. Though I think I might have found my match in eating candies and cakes in Anderson. Holy smokes the boy can eat.

What I liked about both characters is that they have their issues. Neither are perfect or all good, but they see beneath the surface and don’t take anyone at face value.

What about the plot?
Wriggle & Sparkle is written in a typical Megan Derr style. Meaning: not in your standard way of writing. The story of Lynn and Anders is spread over six sort of short stories with an alternative point of view, though we spend the most time in Lynn’s mind. The timespan is from the point where Lynn and Anderson meet and find out they are compatible to their happy ever after. In between quite a lot happens. From personal angles to mystery angles with some hiccups for the couple along the way/

What did you like about this book?
I picked this book up because I’m a fan of the author (as you might have noticed from the amount of reviews on this blog). I did have my doubts about this story, not because of Lynn being gender fluid or even the female bits – I wasn’t worried about that – but more because this story was written for a Yaoi site and I don’t have very good experience with yaoi books or with stories involving tentacles. I am glad I gave Wriggle & Sparkle a try though. It is a very sweet book, without dipping into the cheesy, but leaning a bit over into campy. It was fun to read and made me laugh out loud and grin like a lunatic.

Why would you recommend Wriggle & Sparkle?
In short, because it’s a unique story and makes a character being different be normal and accepted, without focussing on the drama. Despite the kraken and the unicorn getting together, this story is realistic. Too many stories – even fantasy – in the LGBTQ genre focus more on the drama and why someone is who he/she is rather than it be accepted. On;y for that I would recommend this story. But that would skipping on the awesomeness that is Wriggle & Sparkle.

How do you rate this story

If I gave more than 5 stars I would, but I’ll settle for 5+

Wriggle & Sparkle Book Cover Wriggle & Sparkle
Megan Derr
Urban Fantasy, Romance
Less than Three Press
August 20, 2016
A copy was provided through Netgalley

Lynn is a kraken shifter in every way: detailed, tenacious, resilient, and hard-working. Also possessive, vain, arrogant, and demanding. It makes him an excellent agent for the Federal Bureau of Paranormal Security and Investigation—and impossible to work with, as the long list of partners who have transferred away from him will attest.

His newest partner is a unicorn, possibly the worst type of paranormal for work that often turns ugly and violent. Everyone knows unicorns are too delicate for such things. Then Anderson proves to be a unicorn like no other, the kind of partner Lynn has always wanted—the kind of partner he wishes was more. But if there's one thing he's learned, it's that the only thing harder to keep than a partner is a lover.

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