Short story alert! A futuristic sharpshooter in Japan. A review for Sharpshooter Tokyoite by Charlie Godwyne


Short stories are not always easy to write, but Sharp Shooter Tokyoite was one I just couldn’t get into. It felt like a few chapters out of a much larger story. For me there was no connection with the characters and I didn’t really feel the connection between Kei and Taka.

The story is set in the future with the idea that Kei moves between Japan and Vancouver because of his asthma. He clearly wants Taka, but since it’s not going anywhere he’s got a boyfriend back home, one he leaves hanging.

The plot could be interesting if there was a little more world-building and if it wasn’t so very stereotypical in the description of Japan.

The writing in itself is certainly not bad, but it just didn’t work for this story.

Sharpshooter Tokyoite Book Cover Sharpshooter Tokyoite
Charlie Godwyne
Less than three Press
April 26, 2017
A copy was provided through Netgalley

It's 2035 and Kei is a half-Japanese, half-American asthmatic forced to relocate to Vancouver in order to breathe. Despite the difficulties that being in Japan entails, Kei goes back time and again to spend time with Taka, best friend and confidante, and help him hunt illegal pornographers. But no matter how badly Kei wishes they could be together permanently, life seems determined to keep them apart.

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