Review: Hanging the Stars by Rhys Ford

Tell us about Hanging the Stars
Hanging the Stars is the second book in the Half Moon Bay series. This time the story focusses on Lang’s snobby and arrogant twin West and Angel. Like the first instalment this one also starts with a bang. Several bangs, actually. And like the first book there is also a kid involved.

What is the story about?
Hanging the Stars in very much a friends/young love to enemies to lover’s story that also has that misunderstanding going on. Angel is trying to keep his head above water and raise his half-brother who is bouncing all over the place at the same time. West’s got plans for a part of Half Moon Bay that involves Angel’s part of town. Their past and present collide when a hit is punt on West and he moves back to Half Moon Bay. Suddenly they have to talk to each other. And then there is another part of Angel’s past that rears its ugly head.

What are your thoughts on Hanging the Stars?
As you may have guessed, I’m a big fan of this author’s stories. However, this one didn’t sit quite right. The story itself is a little too much disjointed. There are scenes that are never really followed up. The “big misunderstanding” between West and Angel is just a bit too flimsy. More there to fit the story than that it really fit the characters.

Once the story gets going, I liked the interaction between West and Angel and Angel’s brother who is able to cut some of the tension in the plot. The story is rife with drama, but there are some sweet parts too.

How is the writing?
As always, the author knows how to write a story. Even if it is a story I don’t quite like. She’s a star in creating funny scenes or action scenes and creates a vivid story. For Hanging the Stars, it was just that the story itself didn’t work for me. It felt more like we were just scratching the surface of something more.

How do you rate this book?
With three stars


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