Movie Review: Rip Tide (2017)

Rip Tide is a new movie on Netflix in the Netherlands. I watched it without any expectations on a Sunday afternoon after a Transformer movie marathon (don’t ask) while doing some painting and journaling. I always did like movies with a surfer theme, so why not. Especially with the air of romance around the movie.

I have to say I was actually pleasantly surprised. So it isn’t a blockbuster nor is it a movie with a deep plot to it. It is in fact a little predictable if you watch a lot of movies like I do. But. But, it was beautifully made with beautiful artistic scenes, put together in a way I don’t often see in movies. So yes, I actually  quite liked this little movie about a girl who runs away from a modeling career in New York when everything gets to be so overwhelming to her boho aunt in Australia. It’s a simple enough plot where the girl, Cora, returns to the basics and finds out who she is and what she wants to do.

I actually admired Cora. She is in strong lady, who doesn’t give up when things become overwhelming, but stands up to her controlling mother. She has the guts to follow her dreams and say enough is enough.

Should you watch Rip Tide? I actually never saw the original 1934 movie, but I like this new version of the movie. I almost made me long to go back to Australia to sun, surf and the beach! It’s a lovely feel good movie with a hint of romance.

Rip Tide Book Cover Rip Tide

After a modeling mishap, Cora books a one-way ticket to Australia. Expecting a five-star holiday with her Aunt Margot, Cora realizes all too late that her beachside retreat is not what she thought. Cora feels trapped, but as time goes by friendships bloom and romance sparks.

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