Mini review: the prince and the cursebreaker – a review for Megan Derr’s Prince of the Moon


Prince of the Moon is one of those Megan Derr books that has a character that is very much a ‘cinderfella’ except that Solae is a prince. He’s had a hard life, a sad life where he’s blamed for the wrongs of others. This is also a story where nothing is quite as it seems.

Despite being ignored and being the brunt of jokes and gossip, Solae does all he can to help the kingdom under siege from a curse. He even goes so far as to enlist help from far off. Enter Millio, a curse breaker. Once he enters Solae’s life, the whole story starts rolling.

The story starts of quite strong. Both the main characters are solid and well developed characters. There is quite some background and the story reads as a fairy-tale. As a reader, you can’t help but love Solae and want to protect him. Much the same as Millio, I suspect.

A lot happens after Millio’s arrival and the hints start dropping that nothing is quite as we suspected. It makes for good reading. However, around the middle of the story and very much during the end, the plot starts to weaken. With all the built-up, one would except and explosive ending.  Yet, the end is more of a quiet sizzle. I think I understand what the reader was trying to do. Not every hero gets a neatly wrapped up and perfect happy ending. That is something I can appreciate. However, the way this story ends is not quite deserving of the story.

I did like this story. I liked the twists in it and the set-up for the whole world and the magic in it. Solae’s background was very tragic and sad, but at the same time it also made the whole kingdom he lived in seem as cardboard villains. It’s hard to believe that everyone was nasty to him. But that could be just me.

Prince of the Moon Book Cover Prince of the Moon
Megan Derr
Fairy-tale, romance, fantasy
Less than Three Press
January 25, 2017
A copy was provided through Netgally

All Solae wants is to be accepted and loved by the family that has always rejected him. But given it was his late mother who cursed the kingdom to eternal winter, the chances of that happening are minimal. If he can find a way to break the curse, however, surely that would be enough to change their minds regarding him.

But Solae is forbidden to practice magic because of his mother, which limits his ability to pursue solutions. Desperate for advice and new ideas, he contacts a famous curse breaker—and has no idea what to do when the unexpectedly shows up, handsome and friendly and dangerously intriguing.

Publisher Note: This story was previously released in Fairytales Slashed Volume 4

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