It’s anthology time! A review for Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Satisfaction Guaranteed is a story that has been on my “to review” pile for quite some time now. Partly because I lacked time but also because anthologies are hard to review (as I mentioned before).

Satisfaction Guaranteed is an anthology that contains 11 story that is a versatile mix. It contains something for everyone and lovers of a diverse anthology will get their fill. There are two stories with transgender characters as well.

The anthology is a mix of contemporary, fantasy, paranormal stories and even a story with super heroes, if that s your thing. The thread that combines all these stories – with a nice twist on the title – is that the stories are all about the working class. Of course, all the stories are romantic shorts.

The writing of the stories is mixed. Some I found better than others, but that is to be expected in an anthology with so many stories. While I have seen better edited anthologies, the editing for this one was not as bad as I feared. I also found the stories to be well chosen. As said, there is a good variety.

There are some stories I liked more than others. One story that I really liked was There’s Light by Blaine D. Arden. A fantasy story about a lonely man called Marek who is a lighter, who doesn’t have all the magic he wants nor the life, but things start looking up when Hennan asks him on a date.

All in all, there will be stories you’ll like better than others, but it’s a nice anthology.

Why you should read it: Fans of themed anthologies will get their fill with Satisfaction Guaranteed and it is one I can recommend!

Satisfaction Guaranteed (Anthology) Book Cover Satisfaction Guaranteed (Anthology)
Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy romance
Less Than Three Press
September 24, 2014
A copy provided by an author

Nothing is more frustrating than getting screamed at, spilled on, and talked down to while doing a miserable job just to make ends meet. Less Than Three Press offers a collection of romantic shorts about the people who work the daily grind to keep the world turning, and toil away so others can have fun. Because everyone deserves a happy end, especially those who work so hard in the service of others.

Stories in this anthology include:

» Robillard's by R.D. Hero
» No Complaints by Diana Sheridan
» Fair Weather for Airstrikes by Mina MacLeod
» Heartbeat by Mell Eight
» Deliver Me by J.D. Walker
» A Bird in the Hand by Ils Greyhart
» There is Light by Blaine D. Arden
» Stableboy by Leona Carver
» Flip Flops & Tennis Shoes by Bettina Kaipling
» Single Vampire Seeks Consort by Cassandra Pierce
» My Sexual Superhero by Talya Andor

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