In which a demon and an incubus meet. A review for Love Tokens by Megan Derr


Tell us about Love Tokens!
Love Tokens was first released back in 2012 as part of a Halloween anthology. The story stood out because it’s not your typical Halloween story, yet it fit in the anthology and it was rather good. Now it’s released as a stand-alone story.

I’m not sure if the story was expanded, but if so, not by much. My first version was either eaten by my computer or on the laptop that was stolen.

 What is the story about?
Something wicked this way comes or rather something wicked finds Chanda, Lord of the Honey Flower House, incubus and disenchanted with the world at large. It comes by way of a demon on a mission who enlists the help of Chanda but has plans for Chanda himself as well. Although Chanda is not entirely sure if he wants part of any of it, but he refuses to stand down as he has a stake in the mission as well.

There isn’t much I can say about the story without giving it away, but it’s worth reading. For such a short story a lot happens and with an interesting plot.

 What are your thoughts on Love Tokens?
I’ll admit to being slightly disappointed that this story didn’t become a full-fledged novel as I was quite taken with the story. However, despite that the story is lovely and has all the hallmarks of a Megan Derr story: a strong but jaded main character, quite the underdog, but who hasn’t lost his charm and makes the best of life. Love Tokens has an interesting plot where nothing is quite as it seems as the demon is more or less the good guy. Well he’s no Prince Charming, but he is devilish in a good way. What is not to like?

 How is the writing?
For a short story a lot happens and short stories are certainly not easy to write. It’s a mark of a good author when the short story has depth too, in character if not in plot. The plot was short, sweet and quite to the point for a short story. Believable and developed and it just fit. The writing and the world building is as we’ve come to expect from this author, her own version on fantasy.

 How do you rate this story?
with five stars.


Love Tokens Book Cover Love Tokens
Megan Derr
Less than Three Press
February 22, 2017
A copy was provided through Netgalley

Chanda is the Lord of Honey Flower House, which caters to those who have a taste for the paranormal between the sheets. Being an incubus makes him all the better at the job, even if it also leaves him lonely.

Then a demon appears on his doorstep in search of a missing person, and Chanda is quickly reminded why he prefers the relatively quiet life as master of a pleasure house—but also reminds him of a bitter past he's tried to leave behind, and dreams he gave up on a long time ago.

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