Get your kink on with Bad Behavior by K.A. Mitchell – An ARC review

Title: Bad Behavior (Bad in Baltimore)
Author: K.A. Mitchell
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: contemporary M/M romance, BDSM, series
Story rating: 3.5 out of 5
Smex-o-meter: 5 out of 5

Blurb: David Beauchamp might as well be in jail. After one too many misunderstandings with the law, he s chained to the city by the GPS and alcohol sensor strapped to his ankle. Awaiting trial, cut off from usual forms of entertainment, he goes looking for a nameless sexual encounter and winds up with almost more than he can handle.
Reality comes crashing back the next day with a summons for another random drug test, and the man behind the badge turns out to be the very man who took him for one hell of a ride.
Probation Officer Tai Fonoti is used to handling other people s problems, but he’s horrified when one of the clients his boss dumps on him is the sweet piece of ass he screwed the night before. It makes getting a urine sample a pretty loaded situation.
That single encounter left Beach craving Tai s unique brand of control and discipline. But while Tai relishes laying down the law in the bedroom, the letter of the law stands between them and kinkily ever after.
Warning: This book is kinky. I mean kinky. With lots of sex. It describes a fully consensual, intense D/s relationship which changes a character s life. It includes impact play and bondage along the way to a very happily ever after


Review: Bad Behavior is the fifth book in the Bad in Baltimore series, a series that has received mixed reviews overall. However, it’s series I enjoy.

This latest installment focuses on everyone’s most frustrating character David Beauchamp, otherwise known as Beach. He featured in earlier books as Gavin’s best friend and the reason Gavin met Jamie. He’s a trust fund baby that doesn’t take anything very serious.

That’s how Bad Behavior starts and how Beach meets Tai. From there things get serious, fast.

A lot goes on in the plot of this story. It’s multi-layered. The focus is, of course, the relationship between Tai and Beach and Beach/David’s (notice the distinction, it’s important) into the world of kink and BDSM. Another focus in Beach’s probation and upcoming court date. There is also Beach’s relationship with the mysterious father on run from the law. All this mingled with the crew of Bad in Baltimore.

For the majority of the story, the story revolves around Beach and Tai getting their kink on. At the start of the story I was afraid this would be a case of BDSM solves all for Beach’s behaviour. Luckily it’s not. Yes, it changes Beach in many ways, but it doesn’t cure him. Funnily enough, it does seem to settle him and he grows throughout the story.

What took away from the story a lot was the mostly ignored part of Beach’s father. It falls in with Beach’s character that he doesn’t really know what his father did, but the impact was heavy on Beach’s life. His father is the reason he does some of his stupid shit. There is a ‘big important thing’ that goes on with his dad – without giving away any spoilers – but it’s basically swept under the rug and quietly dealt with.

This big important thing also causes quite some bumps, but they are also quietly and easily dealt with. No fuss there.

While I’m not one to hash things out to the minute detail, I felt it should have had more focus that it got, rather than the extensive focus on BDSM. It took some of the balance of the story away.

The characters are quite interesting. Like with the previous stories there is a motley crue and none of them are perfect book characters. Both Tai and Beach are heavily flawed. Beach more than others. It’s especially enjoyable that the author writes the characters in such a way that they undergo change in the story and grow, but are still flawed at the end.

Tai grows in his role as a Dominant and his wants in the lifestyle and becomes more settled. Beach learns responsibility in a way and more or less grows up…some.

Why you should read this book: This story sure has its kink on with a variety of bondage and impact play with heavily flawed characters and visits to the Bad in Baltimore crew. Fans of the series will enjoy the latest installment. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good enjoyable read with some nice continuation of the series.

  • ARC review copy received from Netgalley

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