Farmboy, the Knight and a Fairy. A review for The Fairy’s Assistant by Sasha Miller


So tell us about the Fairy’s Assistant!
The Fairy’s Assistant is a story about Hayden, who helps his fairy perform her good deeds, which does not involve as much magic as you might think. In a land where magic is pretty much forbidden, Hayden is a bind. They have a new assignment, but at the same time he is on the run from Sidney, who believes there is something more to Hayden than he lets on. From there the ball starts rolling. Or should I say bouncing?

What is the plot about?
The story predominantly focusses on Hayden and his new ‘assignment’. Then there is Sidney the knight. There are some run-ins and a bit of romance. The story is a straightforward friendly fairytale

Did you like The Fairy’s Assistant?
Yes and no. Hayden is a likeable character with a bit of angst. As is Sidney. The knightly knight on a mission. The story is very straightforward and sweet, but what it lacked is conflict. There was no real beginning, no high points, no real low points and no real ending. Every obstacle or crisis just quietly fizzles out. Which makes this an enjoyable story, but not exciting.

What about the world this story is set in?
The story is set in your typical fairytale world with knights, fairies and farmboys. There is a kingdome of course and mages. While the worldbuilding is not terribly striking or unique, it was subtly and well done. The world is woven into the story as just being there and normal. No over-explaining or elaborate descriptions. I like that.

How do you rate this book?
With three stars.

The Fairy's Assistant Book Cover The Fairy's Assistant
Sasha L. Miller
Less than Three Press
November 2, 2016
A copy was provided by Netgalley

Generally Hayden enjoys his life—he gets to travel, he has a fairy in his pocket, and he helps her bring happiness to people who would otherwise go overlooked and continue suffering. The only problem is that magic is illegal, and there's a certain stubborn, handsome knight determined to prove that Hayden deserves to be locked up. Between dodging the stubborn knight and the odious nobles he's currently working for, helping his fairy get a woman to a ball is going to be more difficult than their missions usually are.

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