Faeries, death, angst and a mystery. A review for Sparkwood by Daria Defore


Sparkwood is one of those stories that I wanted to like, but there were just too many issues with the plot for it too work for me. The plot is pretty much as the blurbs describes it. Finn hates faeries and he has his reasons. His twin, however, doesn’t. Enroute back to the little town they both lived in, Finn discovers Luke is dead upon arrival. Apparently murdered. From there the plot starts snowballing from Finn going to the faery hometown, to the mystery of Luke’s death, something akin to a romance between Robin and Finn and captivity.

There were several things that didn’t work for me. One is the superficial plot. It lacks depth and has a lot of stereotypes. The author tried to incorporate faery/sidhe folklore into the story and combine it with pop culture. The result, hipster faeries with a lot of (teen) drama. Hence my confusion that this was a YA book.

There are several things thrown at the reader, like the problems between Luke and Finn and Finn’s captivity (one that really really should not have been possible), that are just dumped, but nothing is done with it.

I found Finn himself to be one whiny character. My guess is that the author tried to create a little angst around his character, but it didn’t quite work.

Robin is a little more fun, but like Finn and all the other characters of this book, he lacks depth.

I wanted to like this book, but in the end there were too many things that I didn’t like.

Sparkwood Book Cover Sparkwood
Daria Defore
Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Less than Three Press
Februar 15, 2017
A copy was provided through Netgalley

Finn has never trusted faeries, so it's no surprise to him when his twin brother turns up dead, probably by magical means. What he doesn't expect is an invitation to the funeral—in the faery realm—and a chance to find out who killed him.

Investigating Luke's death is probably the stupidest thing Finn has ever done, and soon he's up to his neck in faery trouble. In the midst of it all is Robin, the faery who's supposed to be watching out for him—but who just might have had something to do with Luke's death.

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