Dragons, dragons, dragons! A review for Shield of the Dragon by Megan Derr

Shield of the Dragon is the long awaited continuation of the Dance with the Devil series and directly connected to Sword of the King, one of my favorite books. Shield of the Dragon is slightly darker than Sword of the King and not quite as good as Sword of the King is a delicious mix of action, drama, humor and sweetness. Shield is slightly darker and rougher and missing that delicious blend, but no less good.

So tell us about Shield of the Dragon
Shield is the continuation of where Sword left of, but with a focus on Amr and Ken and with the introductions of a few new characters and return characters from books other than Sword. It’s slightly rougher with more action and more (inner) drama. There are several plot lines that in the end all come together, but start separately. It’s hard to really tell anything about it without giving anything away. The blurb gives a good introduction.

What I can say is that I liked how this story starts. At the same time it has the feel of a story that is the set-up for something larger. This is why it is why, I think, it misses the flow and blend of themes that Sword has.

The one thing I didn’t like about Shield was how the interaction with the dragons was pushed to the background. With the bond and re-bonding of dragons you’d think it would get more attention, but the focus was more on the story as a whole. As someone who especially loves the dragons of this word, I really really really wanted more.

There are some new characters, what are they like?
Along with familiar characters such as Amr and Ken and a few I’m not telling you about yet, there are a few new ones. One of them is Diamond. Yes, I’m not kidding, his name really is Diamond. Alright, his stripper name. He is a bit of a mystery. He works for a Boss and was cursed by his brother. He loves dragons, but none of the regular dragons come near him. That is all about to change when the head goon does some shady deals with a clan.

I liked Diamond. He’s practical and not afraid to get his hands dirty. At the same time he’s caring, in his own way. It’s what attracts him to York, among other things. York is a bit of a mystery of himself. He was in the background for most of the story, but there is more to him than meets the eye and I hope we see more of him at some point. Along with Diamond, because there is a story there!

How was the writing?
The style of writing is what we are familiar with from this author. It’s chatty, descriptive and flowing without being overly formal. It has some witty qualities. Unlike most of the other books, but in line (some) with Sword, the writing is rougher. There is a lot of cursing and the use of “fuck”. I think, up to date, this book has the most swear words I have ever read in a book.

Do you recommend this story?
Yes, absolutely. Fans of the story Sword and dragons in general will love this one. It’s handy to read the previous books in the series before starting this one, otherwise you get lost halfway through.

What is your opinion of Sword of the King?
Honestly, I loved Sword. It would be hard to top that one. I can’t say Shield is a favorite, but I definitely loved it. I like how dragons are portrayed and the rough urban fantasy world created in this series. Shield is good – better than most urban fantasy books I read on average – but because it reads more like a set-up for something bigger it’s not as good as other installments in the Dance with the Devil series.


Shield of the Dragon Book Cover Shield of the Dragon
Dance with the Devil
Megan Derr
Urban Fantasy, romance
Less than Three Press
September 14, 2016
A copy was provided through Netgalley

If the aftermath of destroying two powerful syndicates and joining league with the last person he expected, all Ken wants is a chance to catch his breath, and maybe regain the attention of the man who said he wanted Ken as more than just a Steward but now seems to have lost interest. But every other day bring a new crop of people wanting to kill them, and it's only a matter of time before they succeed.

All Amr wants is time—time to move his clan and settle them into their new home, time with the dragon he never thought he'd own, and most of all he wants time for his Steward, to see the man rest and recover and stop getting himself almost killed every week. He wouldn't mind a chance to rekindle their fragile relationship either.

Diamond wants a life that feels worth living. The one he left behind wasn't all that great, but it beat waking up to the nasty results of a curse that should have killed him and working as a hitman for the Cambry Syndicate. Then he goes to fetch someone for his boss, and gets dragged even deeper into the strange paranormal world he's still learning to call home.

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