A mystery, a wedding and friends! A review for Stone Cold Foxe by Haley Walsh

Skyler Foxe is back in this fun, sweet, romantic and mysterious new adventure of Skyler and his merry band! This time it’s not just wedding bells that seem to dodge Skyler’s steps, but he also needs to stay one step ahead of a crazy stalker that doesn’t have Skyler’s best interest at heart.

This seventh instalment in the contemporary mystery series picks up right where Crazy Like a Foxe leaves off. In typical Skyler style, Skyler popped “THE” question and now he has to own up to it. What follows creates a new layer for both Skyler’s character, but also Keith’s. We get more insights into what makes them tick and motivates them. Especially Skyler. We already knew about most of them, but this story creates another dimension. I certainly liked that.

It’s one very sweet story, but I liked that there was not just a wedding to focus on. It might have become a little too sticky sweet otherwise. Although the mystery was not as big as it was in previous books, it was still there and nicely done too.

Stone Cold Foxe brought the series to a new height with some solid writing, humour, a little angst, romance (that wedding!!!) and the SFC trying to be helpful and not always succeeding. Although that cake… mmmm.

Fans of the series will love this new instalment of the Skyler Foxe series and if you haven’t read it yet, go get it now!

Stone Cold Foxe Book Cover Stone Cold Foxe
Skyler Foxe Mysteries
Haley Walsh
Contemporary, Mystery, Romance
June 6, 2017
A copy was provided by the author

Is it wedding bells for confirmed bachelor Skyler Foxe? The rocky road to marriage keeps the high school English teacher on edge, yet his football-coach-fiancé, Keith Fletcher, seems far too cool by half. Still, as the nuptials draw near, strange things seem to be plaguing Skyler. Small things that seem like little accidents and coincidences. Until he receives a mysterious package that leads him to the inescapable conclusion that someone may be trying to kill him. Keith and Skyler’s gang of friends put their heads together to investigate. And then the wedding day comes off without a hitch, and Keith and Skyler go off on their surprise honeymoon for a weekend cruise. But Sidney and the SFC discover that Skyler is still in danger and secretly follow. Rather than ruin Skyler’s one-and-only honeymoon, they hitch a ride. Can Sidney, Jamie, Rodolfo, Dave, and Philip keep out of sight of the happy couple and at the same time catch a killer before the cruise ends in murder? It’s the Scooby Gang to the rescue! What could possibly go wrong?

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