A murder most sculpted. An ARC-Review for Fair Chance by Josh Lanyon

Tell us about Fair Chance
Fair Chance is the third story in the All’s Fair series and the final instalment of the story that started in Fair Game. The story is as much a mystery as it is a romance and in this third book, everything comes full circle in regards to the mystery started in the first book and the relationship between Tucker and Elliot.

 What is the story about?
Something is off and Elliot knows it. He put the Sculptor in jail and the case is closed. Right? But then nothing is as it seems it might just mean there is an accomplice. Or is it just a copycat? The new development puts Elliot right back in the middle of the case. A place where Tucker really doesn’t want him to be. Then there is the rift between Elliot and his father and things just start snowballing.

I loved this story and thought the new development in the case was well done. It leaves the reader hanging and wondering what will happen next. It’s a classic move. Did the serial killer work alone or did he have help?

The mystery is well developed and fit right in with several other plot angles such as the tension between Tucker and Elliot, the rift between Elliot and his dad and some others that I will not mention because they are too spoilery.

There is less screen time between Elliot and Tucker this time, but it worked. What there was, was quite nice and sometimes explosive with just the right hint of tension. I liked how their relationship has developed and is now more settled.

 What are your thoughts on Fair Chance?
I loved this third and final instalment. It was well balanced between everything. The mystery is a mystery and also believable. Tucker and Elliot are learning and growing and are perfect for each other. The story is not only focused on the them or just on the mystery. There are other aspects going on so the story doesn’t move so fast, but it’s not slow going either.

The only thing I didn’t like as much is how the blurb gives away much of the story. Now you know what’s coming and makes the aspect of Tucker’s kidnapping less exciting.

How is the writing?
The writing, like with all this author’s books, fits the story and the character. As with the previous stories, it’s told from Elliot’s perspective and you get his take on everything that’s going on. At the same time the author writes in such a way that the other characters are involved too. They are not just shut out and it’s not just the narrator’s perspective or opinion on things, though that play a large role. And oh my, that ending!

 How do you rate the story?
With five stars.

Fair Chance Book Cover Fair Chance
All's Fair 3
Josh Lanyon
Mystery, contemporary, romance
Carina Press
March 13, 2017
An ARC-copy was provided through Netgalley

Elliot Mills comes face-to-face with evil in this follow-up to Fair Game and Fair Play from bestselling author Josh Lanyon  

One final game of cat and mouse… 

Ex–FBI agent Elliot Mills thought he was done with the most brutal case of his career. The Sculptor, the serial killer he spent years hunting, is finally in jail. But Elliot's hope dies when he learns the murderer wasn't acting alone. Now everyone is at risk once again—thanks to a madman determined to finish his partner's gruesome mission.

When the lead agent on the case, Special Agent Tucker Lance, goes missing, Elliot knows it's the killer at work. After all, abducting the love of his life is the quickest way to hurt him.

The chances of finding Tucker are all but impossible without the help of the Sculptor—but the Sculptor is in no position to talk. Critically injured in a prison fight, he lies comatose and dying while the clock ticks down. Elliot has no choice but to play this killer's twisted game and hope he can find Tucker in time.


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