A case of mistaken identity. A review for Lightson Dynasty by Rhiannon Wellman

Title: Lightson Dynasty
Author: Rhiannon Wellman
Publisher: Three Worlds Press
Genre: m/m romance
Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Source: a copy provided by the author
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Blurb: Jo has always been what he is and never what he seems. Will his grandmother force him to live a life he doesn’t want, or can he figure a way out?

Jo’s life had never been simple. But since he moved in with his grandmother, things only became worse. First, she assumes that Jo stood for Josephine not Joseph. Then she believes all young women should be suitably married, especially her granddaughter, Jo.

So now Jo’s expected to marry a man he’s never met and whose own grandmother also wants the match. But how can he when he must protect his secret?
Marcus would rather spend time with his books and the gentlemen at his club than women, let alone marry one.

With both their grandmothers working against them, will they be able to find their way out of this potentially scandalous situation? After spending time together, will they want to?

Review: When reading a very short story, like this one – only 45 pages – I’m always a little hesitant. However, no worries for the Lightson Dynasty is a delightful short but very sweet read. Even while missing the first few pages of the book (I kept forgetting to ask the author for a better copy).

As the story is short, I’m not going to go into the plot. The blurb explains that all quite well. When I read it, I wasn’t sure what to make of the mistaken identity angle. Nowadays that shouldn’t be possible, but even at the time the story is set, there was no internet or phone and communication happened by letter, so while a bit out there, it’s not unlikely.

And, as it happens, it suits Jo quite well. Noooo, not going to tell you why!

As you might have guessed, the story is fast paced. It has to be with the lenght. The romance happens quite fast, but it doesn’t take away from the story as a whole. It quite fits the plot and Jo and Marcus. They are just meant to be, like peanut and butter, whipped and cream… pun intended, well maybe not quite.

Jo and Marcus are pretty nice guys. Jo is very sweet spitfire and a bit unorthodox and Marcus is… well he is Marcus, solid and there and quite suitable for Jo.

Lightson Dynasty is a wicked sweet read that works the 45 pages. At the same time, I think it would have benefitted from a longer lenght. There is quite a lot of potential in the story and while the story is good now, it could have been awesome with a longer lenght and deeper plot with more character development. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this story, but it is one of those reads that you just wish more pages for.

Why you should read it: What? Haven’t I convinced you yet? Go get it! There’s no doubt about why you shouldn’t read the story. It’s delightful, fun and sweet!

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