Rhiannon Wellman talks Lightson Dynasty

This does seem to be the week for interviews and authors talking books. Today we have Rhiannon Wellman over. She’s going to sip some brew and talk about her writing and her latest book The Lightson Dynasty, a lovely romance story. Speaking of, keep tuned, because later this week, a review will be posted for the book!

Please give a warm welcome to Rhiannon!


Hiya Rhiannon, welcome to BookWinked! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how your started writing?
Hi there, thank you for having me. Well I’m 30ish, married and I have a son who is rapidly getting to be taller than me. Not that it’s hard to be taller than me. I started writing with fanfiction, although I’d taken a creative writing course in university I had a chronic lack of self-confidence. I’m severely dyslexic and because of my spelling problems I thought I’d never be able to get published. When I found fanfiction it allowed me to practice and get confidence in my ability as well as feedback from my readers to help me get better. It took about a year of writing fanfiction before I had the guts to try to submit to a real publisher.

In December you released a historical romance called Lightson Dynasty. Can you tell us the story is about?
Lightson Dynasty is the story of Jo Torchlight. Having lived with his very accepting parents in India all his life, being allowed to wear dresses as he chooses, at first because they are cooler in the heat and then just because he likes them. On their death he is sent to live with his grandmother, who assumes she has a granddaughter not a grandson. When Jo is eighteen his grandmother decided that he really should be married by now and sends for the grandson of a dear friend to come and stay with them, in order to woo and marry Jo. It sounds like a disaster in the making, but will it be?

What inspired you to write Lightson Dynasty?
I’m not sure where the idea came from, I just remember thinking about a meddeling grandmother who pays more attention than her grandchild thinks she does. And ideas just started sprouting.

In Lightson Dynasty, there is a case of mistaken gender. Jo’s grandmother thought him to be a woman. It is the main theme in the book. How did you come up with this?
I wanted to write something that was a little lighthearted, but have a serious message. I thought it would be fun to have Jo’s grandmother set him up with another man and not realize she was making the most perfect match without even trying.

Is Lightson Dynasty a serious romance or is it funny as well?
I hope it’s a little of both. Romance and love are never just serious or just funny. A good love affair should allow those in love to laugh together, even if it’s sometimes at themselves.

What did you find was the most fun to write about Lightson Dynasty and what was the hardest?
The most fun was Jo and Marcus’ first meeting on the cliff, I could just see the poor young man terrified of heights trying to rescue the ‘damsel in distress’ and the saddest part was writing the final farewell of Jo and his grandmother.

Time for a funny question: If you could travel through time, which era would you want to find yourself in?
I love the 50’s and 60’s, the clothes, the music, the car’s, basically everything. I would have loved to live then.

You recently got the rights back to your previous stories. What are plans? Are you going to re-release them?
I am going to re-release, I’m going to be doing a bit of work on all of them first before they come back out. In fact Red on the Moon has already been worked on, I’ve added over seven thousand words to it and sent it off to my editor. Hopefully it will be out next month.

What are your future plans for writing?
I’ve already started on a sequel to Lightson Dynasty, then I’ll have edits for Red on the Moon. There are 20757577going to be five books in the Moon series and several others I’ve started. Basically I’m going to be constantly writing for the rest of my life 😀

Eventually I’d love to see my books in print.

What would you say to readers to convince them to read Lightson Dynasty?
Jo and Marcus have a story to tell, it’s the beginning of their life together but by no means is it the end. Join them as they live a life full of happiness, joy and perhaps a little sadness. But along the way, they will always have each other.


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