Summer is here…with Summer Bigger than Others. A guest post and give-away

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Summer… Can you feel it? You’re sweating all the time, your skin is scorched and feels like it has shrunk a size or two. Creepy insects are crawling around on the ground, or droning about in the air, or getting tangled up in your hair. Your ancles look like giant raspberries due to the mosquito bites decorating them. You can’t sleep because it’s too hot and too bright—I’m well aware of this not being the case for everyone. Some of you are living in countries where it’s actually dark at night and air condition is standard in your houses, but I’m in the cold north. We usually don’t have air condition, seems a bit unnecessary when you only suffer from unbearable heat for a month or so a year. And when I say unbearable heat I’m talking about 25˚C/77˚F.

Yet, summer is the time for romance, isn’t it? The warm weather makes us feel alive. Happier. Sexier even. We’re enjoying the feel of the sand between our toes. Our troubles are washed away. The people around us seem funnier than usual, we laugh more.

Have you ever had a summer fling? Everyone should, right? It’s a part of the summer, isn’t it? I was sixteen and in love—I thought. I was convinced that if it hadn’t been for the fact that I would be moving come August it could’ve lasted forever. *laugh* I actually passed him by the other day, Andreas is his name. I haven’t seen him in…I don’t know ten-fifteen years. He had a little girl in his arms, about the age of my youngest. He is still gorgeous, but seeing him reminded me of different time, a different life. I was a different person back then, I would never want to go back.

Nowadays I experience my summer flings through books. I read, glance at my husband, and consider myself one of the luckiest girls on this earth. And if you’re like me, enjoying a hot summer flings in book form, I want to recommend Summer Bigger Than Others. It’s an Anthology where Beaten Tracks authors present fourteen short stories about summer, rollercoasters, strawberry farms, surfer girls and mosquito infester treehouses—have to keep it real *grins* Twelve of the stories are M/M and two F/F. There are some variations in length, but most of them are short light reads perfect for when you’re lying around trying to soak up the sun—or if you’re like me and manage to find a spot in the shade where you can hide away from the rest of the world.

Sign up for the giveaway! One winner will get the entire anthology and two runner-ups will get the short story of their choice from the anthology.

The stories are:

Aligning North – K.C. Faelan
Aloha? Oy! – Jonathan Penn
Anything or Nothing – Terry Kerr
Dazzle Me – Ofelia Gränd
Fang and Fortune – L.L. Bucknor
Finally – Amelia Mann
Home is Where the Hard is – Caraway Carter
Offline – L.M. Steel
Ribbons and Frills – Claire Davis and Al Stewart
Roller Coaster – J P Walker
The Strawberry Farm – Victoria Milne
Ultimate Summer – Alexis Woods
Waking Up in Vegas – Hunter Frost
Will…You Have Me(?) – Shayla Mist

Thank you for reading!


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    My best summer was sitting on the beach doing absolutely nothing!

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    The best summers were when I was a child visiting my Aunt and Uncle and thier family each year because they lived just a few miles from the sea. Every day packing lunch and spending all day long playing in the sea and on the sand.

    1. // Reply

      That reminds me of how I spent my summers as a kid. I live by the sea, right next to it actually, so I’ve spent many days playing on the beach. Mum used to pack food and then we stayed there for the entire day 🙂

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