A day at the Amsterdam Gay Canal Pride 2016

Yesterday was once again the day. The conclusion of almost a month of pride activities in Amsterdam, marked by 200 events. This year was special for several reasons. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Amsterdam Canal Pride! So many years already! I feel positively old now as I remember people talking about his outrageous event 20 years back!

It was also once again marked as Euro Pride, which meant a lot of people from all over the world visited our small city. I certainly noticed this when walking though Amsterdam. Granted, there are always boatloads of tourists, but now said tourists were marked by Pride flags, pink or purple outfits or all sorts of outfits (or lack thereof) to mark them as a participant of this Pride Event.

The pride has always been a colourful parade of boats with participants of different origins, but this year was extra special, because not only was there a boat with elderly LBGT-people, there was also a world religion boat with the gay Muslim imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed. And of course there was the a boat of LBGT priests.

This year’s edition was also infamous, because after the events in Pulse in Orlando earlier this year and the cancellation of the Istanbul Pride, a lot of threats were launched against the pride by IS. As a result the police were out in force. There were special task forces on standby and there were more on-duty police boats in the parade.

Despite that, nothing happened, fortunately. There were rumors that a lot of people stayed home, but according to the Amsterdam Council, there were as many people now as there were last year when a record amount of people visited Amsterdam.

While I don’t always go to the Pride event because tight crowds are not my thing, I wanted to go this year and as a result I have some cool pictures to share with you.

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Foto 06-08-16 13 48 49


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