5 LGBTQ books to read for Valentine’s Day.

As you may know from my Valentine rec post from last year, I’m not too big on the holiday. Oh I have a romantic bone or two, but you know, over-commercialized bullblahblah and all that.

However, no matter my thoughts on this holiday, I do think it’s the perfect time to read some feel good romance books or books that romantic undertones. Bookwinked wouldn’t be Bookwinked if I didn’t have some recommendations for you.

In this post I have 5 lgbtq books for you to read for or around Valentine’s day. Be aware, one of them is a Dutch one that I think is perfect, but alas, there is no translation into English as of yet.

Do you have books you like to read around or on Valentine’s Day?

1 – An exciting, sci-fi adventure, with a strong female lead. Tag: asexuality
2 – A touch of romance and a touch of the paranormal where two lovers find each other again. Tag: m/m
3 – A sweet, slow-burn romance story. Tag: m/m
4 – A very sweet and romantic story with an unlikely pairing. Tag: m/m
5- 3 romantic story about discovering who you really are. Tag: f/f



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    Wondering about the book with the asexuality tag. What’s the story line? Asexual person falls in love, wants romance but without sex, love interest wants romance with sex, conflict ensues? If so, what is the resolution to the conflict? I can’t imagine a happy ending with such a fundamental sexual incompatibility.

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      Well, then you have to read it for yourself. But yes, an asexual person can have a romantic interest. There is a lot of diversity within asexuality, to fully understand it, you can best research it. That will explain it better than I can do.

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