Featured books: Family Ties (Bartlett Boys #1) by Poppy Dennison

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Family Ties is a book by one of my favorite authors: Poppy Dennison and the first in a new series featuring the Bartlett Boys. I can always count on Poppy for a book that makes me smile and with Family Ties is smiled a lot!

The story is about Blake, returning to his family in Havendale, Florida. Recently widowed – even though he and his husband were separated a year before – he brings his three-year-old daughter to meet his very large family. Of course, he has some groveling to do first as he shut his family out the year before, but they are nothing if not forgiving. Give or take a few remarks here or there.

I loved meeting Blake’s family. He has a lot of cousins besides his brother and sister. It was so much fun to read. Each character has his or her part in the story and all those big ass grown men and a little three-year-old! It was hilarious.

Poppy wouldn’t be Poppy if there wasn’t romance in the book as well and I loved how it was done. It’s mostly uncomplicated without being boring and I liked how Blake and Linc slowly grow and bond together. With some very sexy scenes of course.

Both Blake and Linc are great characters, though Linc still is a bit of a mystery as the focus was more on Blake. I liked how Blak discovered that Linc is not the playboy he thought he was, but has many great qualities! (Can I find my own Linc?) Al though, Blake’s sister is right, they can both be reall dummies! wink

I don’t know how she does it. There is no major or big conflict in the story. The focus is on Blake and Caroline (re)connecting with the family and settling down in Havendale and the budding romance between Linc and Blake. There is some tension, but it never once gets boring and I can really appreciate such a skill in an author.

There is also a lot of set-up in this book for the stories of the Bartlet cousins to come. Next up will be Kale and I can’t wait!

Family Ties is a lovely, sweet and perfect romance story that pulled me in straight away with a wide array of different characters. I wonder if Cameron will get his own story too!

Alright, I’ll stop fangirling about this book now. Can you tell I liked it? I feel a re-read coming on!

Family Ties Book Cover Family Ties
Bartlett Boys
Poppy Dennison
contemporary, romance, family
Published via Amazon
January 30, 2018
Kindle Unlimited

Blake Bartlett needs a do-over, so he’s going back home to Havendale, Florida, with his three-year-old daughter in tow. The perfect life he built is in ruins and he’s determined to create a new one. The Bartletts are fixtures in the small town of Havendale, and Blake’s extended family welcome him back with open arms. He’s settling in and getting back in his family’s good graces, when he meets Lincoln Coleman. Suddenly, he’s starting to want things he shouldn’t, and their relationship is beginning to heat up.

Linc may have the reputation for being a one-night stand kind of guy, but the rumors aren’t quite right. When he meets Blake and his daughter, he imagines family life and settling down for the first time. There’s only one problem: Blake has taken on a leadership role in the Bartlett Construction business and now Linc works for the man he’s falling in love with.

Blake’s well-intentioned family may have them tied up in knots, but only they can untangle their heart strings...

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