Weekend reading inspiration

The weekend is here! This post was originally planned for yesterday evening, but I got sidetracked with after work cocktails and Exploding Kittehs (which is a very fun game).  Today is going to be at least partly spend reading. It depends if it will be on train to somewhere or on my couch. What are
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I'm ready to read M/M. Where do I start?

As an experienced reader of this genre, you might just have heard this question before. I know I have. Sometimes it’s from friends who know what you read and are curious. Sometimes random people find you on the internet and ask the question (blogs or GoodReads or even Amazon). It’s not an easy question to
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Thoughts for Tuesday: Do you need your happy ending?

“And they lived happily ever after.” In modern fairytales (not their original counterparts) it is often how a story ends. The heroes survive the darkness, vanquish evil and live together and grow old together. For some of us, it is what we unconsciously look for when we start reading a romance story. When I first
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