Bookish posts: April wrap-up – what did I read?

Yay it’s May! I love this month! The weather is often beautiful which makes for reading trips outside in the park!

Reading wise, April was quite a binge on books. I continued my Mary Calmes reading binge and re-read all my favorite books by here. Jin didn’t even annoy me much this time around, though I still can’t tell you why I love the Change of Heart series so much.

Anyways, I also got my hands on a few really good review books by Charlie Cochet (Love in Spades) for which the review is coming soon and Megan Derr (Fighting for You).

Even though I didn’t read them in April – I’m a little behind on reviews – there were a couple of reviews for very awesome review books such as Fox-Hat & Neko by Gus Li and The Marvelous Adventures of Gwendolyn Gray.

For May I will try to catch up on the reviews and maybe finally do some of the interviews I want to do. There will also be a change in the provacy police as May 25 will be when the new European privacy law will go in effect. More about that later. First, what did I read in April? Take a look!

Books read in April

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