About Bookwinked

About Bookwinked

Welcome to the new revamped Bookwinked. Below I’ll explain a little about the history of this website.

The old Bookwinked

I started this website about four years ago and predominantly focussed on the m/m books, but I expanded that to the LGBT-genre. Alongside reviews, I did interviews with authors and audiobook narrators and informative posts and had a lot of fun doing so. The books, the contact with readers and authors and publishers.

Somewhere along the road I felt like something was missing.

The new Bookwinked

I felt like I was limiting myself to just just one little corner of the bookworld, as fun as it was. When I met a few Dutch Young Adult authors at a fair, I knew that I wanted to expand my book world. Being my impulsive self, I opened a Dutch Children’s and Young Adult blog called Verhalenwijs. Anyone who’s ever run a blog knows how hard it is to run one blog let alone two. Needless to say it didn’t work. Although there were a few more issues than just running two blogs, but I won’t bore you with the details.

I thought things over and ran through a couple of scenarios. One of them being consolidating the two blogs into one big new blog. I even thought of a name, but eventually I decided to stick with Bookwinked, but redo the website about what the website it about.

What is new?
The most important new part of Bookwinked will be the dual language site. As a Dutchie there are Dutch books I want to review as well. Therefore I will review books in their original language. As my reading languages are only Dutch and English, it will be limited to those.

The other big change will be that Bookwinked will be open to books from all genres. From Young Adult to Adult, fiction to non-fiction, romance, thriller, historic, fantasy. In short, everything I want to read and write about.

This means Bookwinked will become a more personal website. There will mostly likely also be more artsy posts, with photography, arts and crafts, bookish lifestyle.