Get in the mood for Valentine with these recommendations

Okay okay, I’ll admit, I don’t really care for Valentine. Not because I’m jaded and not because I’m one of those: “I don’t need a holiday to be special to my sweetie”. It’s that I’m more rooted in the pagan holidays. That’s neither here nor there. What I do like is an opportunity to (re-)read all my books that have that romantic and sweet vibe going on. The stories that make you go ‘awwwww’.

So no matter if you like Valentine or not, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to recommend some sweet, romantic, charming, in some cases very hot stories that will make you got dreamy and starry-eyed.

N.R. Walker – Spencer Cohen
Okay, I admit, I like this author. As with Charlie Cochet, the stories just click. I like the drama-free more care-free contemporary stories that make you smile and Spencer Cohen did just that. Andrew and Spencer work together, they both bring something unique and they are unlikely characters.

Charlie Cochet – Beware of Geeks bearing gifts
What happens when a geeky, brownie-baking neighbor and a rough tough SWAT-officer get together? Not quite disaster, but definitely a series of geeky unfortunate events. Spencer is a really cool guy and I love how he bakes brownies. Julian on the other hand sees the downside of humanity. Together they are very different, but Spencer is just what the doctor ordered. This story is maybe not exactly romantic, but it’s fluffy and funny.

N.R. Walker – 65 hours
One of my favourite frenemies stories. Colleagues that really don’t like each other, but have to work together. Nothing good can come from that, right? When I read this story, I liked the dynamic between Cameron and Lucas and how they worked on the challenge. Even for re-written fan-fiction this was one sweet story with funny bits (the socks) and hot bits (the dancing).

Nicki Bennett – Cattle Baron’s Bogus Boyfriend
This story has a bit of a Cinderfella vibe going on, but Jonah is in no way in need of a Prince Charming to rescue him. He does however need his cowboy boss to notice him. But that seems impossible right? When he is noticed, is it for the right reason? While not a fairytale, it sure is an endearing story.

Piper Vaughn – Bookmarked
A story involving a a bookstore and books. What is not to like? Oh and the reclusive writer and the bookstore owner? Very good together. Well they need to work a few things out first.

Jay Northcote – Law of Attraction
When I started this story, I didn’t think it was going to be romantic, but hey, I should have known better as the author is known for some good, sweet stories with a plot surrounding it. Remember that first Grey’s Anatomy episode, sleep with the person and it turns out to be your boss? The Law of Attraction starts of a bit like that, but it takes of from there, with quite the British vibe.

Marie Sexton – Winter Oranges
Technically, sort of, more or less, this is a Christmas story. However, it is also a story set in winter and wow is it one hell of a sweet romance with a hint of paranormal. The story almost seems like the romance is impossible, but I thought it was very well done and original. Okay not unique as we have stories of people trapped in paining, but a globe is new and the romance surrounding is nicely done.

J.L. Merrow – It’s all geek to me
J.L. Merrow know to write a story that has it all, humor, a hot geek, a deceased comic and a series of funny and hot and sweet incidents in that typical British style.

Mary Calmes – Frog
The bullrider and the neurosurgeon. Weber and Cyrus are an unlikely couple and they know it and because of it they have rough start, but opposites attract and where there’s a will there’s a way. This story was written in typical Mary Calmes style and it’s hard not to like the characters and the way they fit together even if they have to fight it out first.

S.J. Frost – Conquest
Conquest. Jesse and Evan were long my favorite couple and they are still in my top three. They hit it off strong and in a way are perfect together. When I started the story I thought they were star crossed lovers, though luckily nothing as dramatic as that. They work together, but they are both strong personalities and that makes it work in the story. Their beginning together, their ups and downs and their coming together make for good reading. Melting may be involved.

Charlie Cochet – The Perfect Valentine’s Day
Okay, this one you have to read An Intriped Trip to Love first, but this little interlude is very funny and sweet. It also encompasses the struggle partners and significant others have to overcome to find that perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Of course, this has Charlie Cochet’s special brand of funny and romantic that very much fits the characters.

Rhys Ford – The Devil’s Brew
This, like the story above is an interlude in the Sinner’s Gin series. It perfectly fits with the series and I loved Miki realizing it’s Valentine and what it means.

Jet Mykles – Tech Support
I read this story a long time ago, but I loved the interaction between Aaron and Ki. The shy and the confident. The story is sweet, but not cloying. Aaron is not helpless. It’s a story of opposites attract and this story does not disappoint.



So these are mine. What are your favorite books to read for Valentine?

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