N.R. Walker

Romantic reads: what is yours?

Recently I got into a conversation with a friend, about books of course. During the conversation, she asked me what the most romantic book I ever read was. I had no idea. Do not get me wrong, I read predominantly m/m books and almost all have a hint of romance and couples and sweetness, but
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Weekend Reading Inspiration

Yes! The weekend is here! Don’t you just love the smell of Friday evening with the weekend right around the corner? You just left work behind for two whole days. It’s time to decide what to do. As always, I planned a few hours of prime reading time in my weekend. When possible I make
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Not quite published yet

When I looked on the lists of books to be published in October, I discovered that there are several I’m really looking forward to. So I thought I’d make a post out of it. Which book are you looking forward to most? Red Dirt Heat #3 by N.R. Walker Release: October 17, 2014 Life for
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