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Author Articles: Interview with Megan Derr

Today we have a very special guest at Bookwinked: Megan Derr. As you may have seen, I frequently review books by this author and it’s no secret I like them. Megan Derr has been among a few “constants” for me in this genre along with a couple other authors. Needless to say, it was high
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Review: Enter the Dragon by Jamie Sullivan

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love stories with dragons in them, so I could hardly ignore this one when I saw it. The story was previously part of an anthology. While the story has dragons, it’s not exactly a particularly good story. The story suffers from superficial characters and no depth to the
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Reviews: Embrace by Megan Derr

Yes! A new, old story by Megan Derr! Embrace is a revised and re-edited. I like stories about vampires and especially the take this author has on them. If I read the story just for me I would have rated this a lot higher, but as this is a review I have to be objective,
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