Josh Lanyon

Romantic reads: what is yours?

Recently I got into a conversation with a friend, about books of course. During the conversation, she asked me what the most romantic book I ever read was. I had no idea. Do not get me wrong, I read predominantly m/m books and almost all have a hint of romance and couples and sweetness, but
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Announcement! Monthly Josh Lanyon column coming!

Yes, you read that correctly! Awesome author Josh Lanyon has graciously agreed to do a monthly column for Bookwinked. Starting this month right up to December. Are you excited yet? I know I am. To think I only asked for a onetime column. grin Aren’t we lucky or what? I’ll give you a hint about
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Humpday reading

I admit, I’m not the best at making flattering bookcover pictures, but it’s my best try for now. It’s Wednesday and as you can see it’s rather dreary outside. So time for a quiet night in with a good book. In this case, I just started reading The Curse of the Blue Scarab by Josh
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