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Humpday reading

I admit, I’m not the best at making flattering bookcover pictures, but it’s my best try for now. It’s Wednesday and as you can see it’s rather dreary outside. So time for a quiet night in with a good book. In this case, I just started reading The Curse of the Blue Scarab by Josh
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What I love about this genre

Recently I made this blogpost on social media and opinions in the m/m genre that focused on one of the more negative sides of this genre. That got me thinking too. Every low point must have a high point. A flip-side. The positive to the negative side. That is why I thought a follow-up post
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I'm ready to read M/M. Where do I start?

As an experienced reader of this genre, you might just have heard this question before. I know I have. Sometimes it’s from friends who know what you read and are curious. Sometimes random people find you on the internet and ask the question (blogs or GoodReads or even Amazon). It’s not an easy question to
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