Charlie Cochet

Rack & Ruin blog tour & giveaway with Agent Daley

Well, hello there. Do you come here often? Judging by your wide-eyed expression, I’d say that’s a no. I’m Agent Daley. You can call me Dex. Whatever you’ve heard about me is completely untrue. Unless it’s about my mad karaoke skills or general awesomeness. Canteen incident? What canteen incident? Oh, that canteen incident. Totally blown
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Charlie Cochet talks THIRDS, writing and more

Today we have Charlie Cochet at BookWinked. She’s the author of several historical romances, including the recently released A Rose by Any Other Name, and of course the well known and popular THIRDS series. We’re all eagerly awaiting the release of Rack & Ruin. (I know I am!) Without further ado, please welcome Charlie! Welcome
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