Review: Pretty Man by Ryan Field

Pretty Man is a story written by a new to me author: Ryan Field. It has been previously published, but revised into a new edition with a new cover. The book is marketed as a parody / gay version of the movie “Pretty Woman” and coupled with the foreword by the author, it gives a completely wrong impression of the story.

The foreword laments about the lack of lgbtq-characters in pop culture in the nineties and how Pretty Man is more of a ‘cinderfella’ story. In fact, the author states that part of the story is more of parody of Pretty Woman.

Going into the story, the readers finds out it is only very loosely based on Pretty Woman. Think, gay man finds gay sex worker and asks him to be his companion for a set time. After that is steers far away from anything we know about the populair movie. So you can imagine my confusion as this book is pretty much marketed as a parody for the movie, but turned out to be mostly porn.

While I absolutely love the ‘cinderfella’ trope, Pretty Man was a story that didn’t quite work out for me. I loved the idea of the main character of Roland meeting Josh in a bookstore and asking him to pretend to be his boyfriend to show his ex he isn’t mourning his loss.

However, from there, the story veers off into porn-without-a-plot land and even that doesn’t normally put me off. I love a good erotica story, but it was the way it was executed. The writing style is such that it almost feels like third person omniscient and as a result, there is almost to none emotional involvement from either Josh or Roland beyond what we are told by the narrator. So while this is story has a parody-type qualities, the characters are complete over-the-top gay stereotypes. They are captain cardboards in this story. Not to mention the fake dialogue going on between the characters that felt very wooden.

Overall, I think this story suffers from the wrong cover and could do without the foreword to put the reader in a wrong mindset. The story is not bad per se, but it’s basically a porn with the over-the-top sex, the cheesy phrases and the lack of getting an insight into the characters. it’s fun if you don’t take it too seriously and are not looking for Pretty Woman type story.


Pretty Man Book Cover Pretty Man
Ryan Field
Riverdale Avenue Books
August 10, 2018
A copy was provided through Netgalley

Roland Marcus—rich, handsome and pushing 40—is still not over the fact that his 20-year relationship has ended, and desperately needs someone to distract him while he attends a bevvy of charity events in New York. With all eyes upon him, including his ex’s (who left him for a younger man), Roland accidentally bumps into a hot young guy in a used book store…a strapping male hustler whom he decides to hire for one week to accompany him to his social events. He offers him $5,000, with no strings attached, to just stand by his side and look pretty.

Josh Holden, a young guy who is helping to support his son and saving money to buy a business with his best friend and ex-wife, is only too happy to escort Roland anywhere he wants to go that week. And he’s not doing it just for the money…

Roland learns in less than a week’s time that his future can still hold both earth-shattering sex and a love of real substance.

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