Review: Hound (Haffling #3) by Caleb James

Way back when I was reviewing for Rarely Dusty Books, I reviewed the first book in the Haffling series. I remembered I really liked it, but the details of the story got lost to me, so I went back to read the first and second books (Exile) in the series.

Hound is the conclusion of the series and what a finale it is! If you read the three books in succession, it’s an epic ride. I never thought I would like these stories as much as I did.

Like with Haffling and Exile, A LOT happens in this book, despite the somewhat slow start. It picks up where the last book left off with not one, but two pieces of Queen May (like one wasn’t bad enough) and there is even more trouble in the air than the last books, so it is up to Finn Hulain, Alex Nevus, Liam, and Charlie, to name a few, to stop her and that is no easy task. Finn plays a very important role and like most unsuspecting heroes, he doesn’t even know the full of it yet.

I liked how the plot was worked out. The third book brings the story arc to a nice conclusion. It does take a while to get going, but it felt like a built up. There is no thread left open and I can appreciate that in a story.

I did have some trouble with the switching POV’s, because there are quite a number of players in Hound, but for the most part, I think that is just me. It has been a while since I read a story where so much is going on.

Hound was well written with an original take on Fairies/Sidhe in the modern world. Like with Rhys Ford’s Kai Gracen series, I can appreciate a fresh take on a often used theme. The characters were well developed with their own parts in the story. There even was a little romance going on between Finn and Redmond. It was a little fast in its development, but I thought it was befitting the story.

Hound was a nice conclusion to the series and wrapped the trilogy up in a deserving and satisfying manner. It’s a trilogy I can definitely recommend.

Hound Book Cover Hound
Haffling #3
Caleb James
LGBT, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural
DSP Publications
November 28, 2017
A copy was provided by the author

The human and fey worlds plummet toward an ancient war. Enter two unlikely lovers, a myth, and a mad queen hell-bent on conquest and revenge. Fire Marshal Finn Hulain, tormented by the death of his best friend and an unrequited love, is tossed from the world he knows into the upside-down realm of the fey. Dr. Redmond Fall, psychiatrist to the deadliest criminals in the Unsee, awakes to find the brutal Queen May deposited within the walls of his hospital for a bit of therapy. While May would like to get over her daddy issues, it’s sometimes easier to bite off heads.

Hound, the epic finale to the Haffling trilogy, delves into the darkest reaches of the addictions we all carry. To save the worlds and themselves, Finn, Redmond, and even May must confront the ghosts of their past and the demons of their present. The clock is ticking. There are no second chances. Everything is on the line.

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