Review: Enter the Dragon by Jamie Sullivan

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love stories with dragons in them, so I could hardly ignore this one when I saw it. The story was previously part of an anthology.

While the story has dragons, it’s not exactly a particularly good story. The story suffers from superficial characters and no depth to the plot. The reader is more or less told what is going on and then the story jumps from occasion to occasion.

By the end of the story we still don’t really know who Jac is or anything really about the dragons, even though there are some really interesting things going on there. Same goes for Bryn. He seems pretty darn interesting, but in the end we don’t really get to know his character.

While the story has a lot of potential, it just didn’t have a lift off.

Enter the Dragon Book Cover Enter the Dragon
Jamie Sullivan
Fantasy, short story
Less than Three Press
Oktoer 4, 2017
A copy was aquired through Netgalley

Since a ceasefire was called on the Dragon Wars, dragons and humans have lived in an uneasy partnership. To help humans understand dragons and prepare future dragon trainers, the Academy was created. Jac Conway is an eager student, long enthralled with all things dragon. But even he, with all his hopes and ambitions, never dreamed of just how close to them one night would bring him

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