Review: Dragon Magic by Megan Derr

Dragon Magic was one of the books that got left behind on my to-review pile. It’s a new stand-alone fantasy novel by author Megan Derr. It hits all the hallmark of a Megan Derr book. Complex world, complex characters and a story that draws you in.

Dragon Magic revolves around four strangers in a kingdom who normally would never have gotten together if it wasn’t for one really big catastrophe that changes the world they live in. Once they get together they have a chance for something more.

With Dragon Magic the author created a vast fantasy world and an extended story. Not only the main plot going on but also backstories for the characters. I liked this world and the story behind it. The demon, the magic and the quest. There were some niggles with the pacing. The beginning of the story is slow and builds up, but towards the end it got more choppy and rushed and I wasn’t really sure about that ending. Without giving the story away, it ends the story on a mysterious note and it is a set-up for possible future books, but with regards to the characters it leaves the reader hanging a bit. I didn’t mind, but it also felt rushed.

The characters are a motley crew and I loved how completely different each character was. You could really see how unlikely it would have been for them to get together if not for the attack and the quests that follows. I do hope we’ll see more of them in the future.

Overall Dragon Magic is a nice fantasy read and I enjoyed it a lot.


Dragon Magic Book Cover Dragon Magic
Megan Derr
Fantasy, LGBTQ+, mystery, drama
Less than Three Press
March 28th 2018
A copy was provided through Netgalley

Four strangers. A shared moment long forgotten. A bond forged in desperation.

On the first day of the Festival of Counting, the beginning of the royal census that takes place every ten years, the royal city is filled to overflowing. Everyone is happy, excited, and proud to be counted amongst those who live in the glorious kingdom of Orhanis.

Then a demon strikes, killing thousands in mere seconds and leveling the city. As the royal castle burns, only four men remain to drive the demon away—and in their desperation, accidentally bind themselves together in a legendary Oath, unable to part ways until they find and kill the demon once and for all.

Mahzan, the King's Jester, an orphan who clawed his way to the top and hides a fearsome magic… Sule, the notorious North Captain, who sacrificed everything to live as a strong, capable, highly respected man… Cemal, a priest who traveled the continent bent on revenge and now lives lost… and Binhadi, the mercurial shadow mage with a dark history and bloody ties to the throne…

Four men used to standing apart, standing alone, who must learn to stand together if they hope to save themselves and all of Orhanis.

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