Review: Be Still my Heart by Charlie Cochet

Be Still my Heart is the second book in the self-published Four Kings Security books. The second book focussed on former Special Forces member Red and Cole’s friend Laz. We met both characters in the first book (review)  in the series and the series now continues in this romantic mystery with some funny, serious and sexy scenes.

The story continues on several weeks after the first book, Love in Spades, ended and focuses on Red and Laz. I admit that it was very sweet how the two met in the previous story and I expected a lot of sweetness and cuteness around the two in the second book. While that is certainly true, there was a balance with the mystery. Now don’t go reading this story if you’re a hardcore mystery fan, because while there is a mystery going on, it isn’t the focus of the story, nor is it really in-depth. The focus is most definitely on the romance and the complications that arise from the two getting together. But the mystery was there and was well balanced with the romantic aspect of the story.

Be still my heart is one of those feel-good stories.It will certainly be part of my stack of books I turn to for comfort. It has every ingredient needed to make you feel better: a sweet romance, characters that are fun to read about, action, mystery and wittiness plus some humor.

It is a well written story. You can see the author grown with every book she writes. My only real fear is that most of the characters balance on the edge of becoming stereotypes. I already see a lot of Dex (from the THIRDS series) in Ace. For now they are two different characters  but it is a precarious balance.

Overall though, Be still my heart was a very good addition to the series. I liked how the Red and Laz were worked out as characters in their own story. They stand on their own and we find out there is a lot more to them then we saw in the first book. I definitely liked Red’s backstory and would have loved to see his family appear in this book, but there’s hope for more in the future.

The only real niggle I had with them with the inevitable conflict. There were many angles for a conflict, but the conflict that was chosen didn’t feel like it fit either Red or Laz. Especially the way Laz’s character suddenly did a complete turn-around from what we had seen thus far and it was all smoothed over way too easily.

Should you read this second instalment? If you loved the first book in the series than yes, this one is definitely recommended! s


Be Still my Heart Book Cover Be Still my Heart
Four Kings #2
Charlie Cochet
Romance, Action, Bodyguard, LGBTQ
July 28, 2018
A copy was provided through a bookpromotion company

Former Special Forces medical sergeant Russell “Red” McKinley knows a thing or two about wounds, like the fact some can take a lifetime to heal, if they heal at all. The scars Red carries run deep, and living with PTSD often means battling the memories of his past. Injuries he received while working an executive protection case with fellow Kings and co-owners of Four Kings Security, have once again forced past heartaches to the surface, but Red is determined not to let it derail his blossoming romance with sweet and sexy fashion photographer Lazarus Galanos.

Laz can’t deny there’s something special developing between him and Red, but Laz has wounds of his own. He’s hesitant to jump into a new relationship after his recent explosive breakup. Experience has taught Laz to doubt his judgement when it comes to men. Guys who seem too good to be true, usually are, and no one appears more perfect than Red.
When an attempt is made on Laz’s life, Red is determined to keep him safe. Laz may not be a client, and Red is still off duty, but Laz is one of their own, and nothing means more to the Kings than family. While an investigation is underway, Red and Laz are growing closer, but can they find a way to help each other heal and take a chance on love, or will their fears and insecurities cost them more than their future together?

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