Huskies, Devil Dogs and Rebels. A review for Healing Hunter’s Heart by Charlie Cochet

: Healing Hunter’s Heart (a little bit of love #2)
Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: paranormal romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Source: my own personal library
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Blurb: Months after being forced to leave his lover and mate Ari Jannsen behind, Hunter Devin settles into his role as Enforcer for the newly formed Deagan Clan under the rule of his new Alpha and best friend Tristan “Trip” Hagan. Along with Hunter’s brother Boone, their nephews, sister, and mother, Hunter finally has the family he’s always wanted, but without his little rebel Ari, his heart is incomplete.

The Hagan Clan is unable to accept the Deagan Clan’s betrayal for walking away and taking the clan’s pups with them. War looms. As both clans plan their attack, a greater enemy plots against them. But Hunter is determined to get his Ari back. Bonds are put to the test and unexpected alliances are made as Hunter and his clan set out to protect their own and end the spreading heartache.

Review: It’s no secret that I love Charlie Cochet’s work. A special place is reserved for the Little Bit of Love series. When I read the blurb for the first book An Intrepid Trip to Love my thoughts were not that positive. Another shifter book. Another sappy romance between characters of different standing. Another bodyguard to love story. When you read a lot, some story types just get a bit old.

Lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised when the wicked devil on my shoulder convinced me to get the story. It may be all of the above, minus the sappy romance, but it’s the way the story is written that made all the difference.

When I heard about Healing Hunter’s Heart I did a happy dance as the first book did end with a bit of an open ending/cliffhanger. Finally we got Hunter and Ari’s story! What a story it was too!

Healing Hunter’s Heart tells all about how Hunter and Ari met and we get to know all about Ari, as he was in the background in the first story. He’s quite the firecracker and it’s not hard to understand why Hunter calls him “his little rebel”

Apart from Hunter and Ari’s romance, the story also continues the plotline started in the first book. Trip and co have moved to a new town and have built a new home for themselves. But looming over them is the knowledge that the Hagan Clan is not just going to roll over and show its belly. There are some new threats as well.

While the plot itself is not unique, it’s how it’s told along with characters that you can’t help but love. They wrap the reader around their little paws. By their drama, dialogue, antics or simply their presence. This author knows how to write dynamic characters that are well rounded and memorable. They are woven into a story that has action, drama, romance and humor and all well balanced on the book scales.

Let’s look a bit at humor. I find it an important ingredient in a story, as well as little details about characters. It’s not easy to write humor into a ‘serious’ story, without it becoming a stereotype. It’s plenty there in Healing Hunter’s Heart. By way of character, dialogue, setting or well… Trip who goes shopping *grin*

The only reason the story got 4 stars out of 5 was the way Ari’s mother was handled and Trip’s father. Ari’s mom goes quite far, but the alpha only reprimands her verbally. It’s seems too weak and way out of character for how self-absorbed Matthias is. Speak off, Matthias gets off way too easily that just didn’t fit with all he’s done.

Why you should read it: Go! Go get it already. It’s a wonderful addition and a story you can’t just help but love! Go get it, I tell you!

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