How to a catch a tiger? ARC-Review for Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Carlie Cochet

** This review is spoiler free, but if you are sensitive to these things, proceed at your own risk**

It’s finally here, Ethan and Calvin’s story! As much as I love the other characters in the series, I always wondered about Ethan and Calvin’s story. Even more so after reading some of the THIRDS Thursday stories. I can certainly say Catch a Tiger by the Tail didn’t disappoint one bit!

Catch a Tiger by the Tail is a twofold story. It tells the story of Ethan and Calvin, thankfully without any flashbacks. It also continues the story started in the previous books, with Sparks. Calvin and Ethan’s story is central in  Catch a Tiger, and the story with Sparks (which is the easiest way of identifying without giving anything away) runs alongside it. It’s there, evolving slowly, though by the end of the book there might just be a big bang coming.

I thought the story was written well. There is a good balance between action, humor (something with a swimming pool that is memorable), drama, romance and hot smexy times. The story is flowing, neither too slow or too fast.

By the end we have quite a few more insights into Calvin and Ethan. They are both strong in their own ways. Ethan in the way he handles his selective mutism and his job as a THIRDS agent. There are several personal issues that arise as well. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking to see the obstacles that are thrown his way. At the same times it’s encouraging to see him work through it.

Calvin is the strong silent type. He is always there (for Ethan), but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. He suffers in silence, but not alone. He is stronger than even he gives himself credit for. There is also a secret from his past that comes up during the story that makes you want to hug Calvin hard. It was nice to see that he needs Ethan too, because sometimes I wondered a little bit that is was more habit of friendship than in love.

Even though this is primarily Calvin and Ethan’s story, but as per usual Dex can’t keep his nose out of anything, so there are some funny, interesting and good scenes with him, Sloane and the Team too. It’s what I like about this series. The story isn’t narrowed to the couple, there are people and events beyond them. That is something I sometimes miss in romance stories.

With Catch a Tiger by the Tail the author did a good job. Ethan and Calvin have their own part and their own voice in the series. The only thing that niggles in the story/series is Sparks and the side story. I like the spooks and spy angle, but the amount of power she holds is scary and the way everyone goes along with it like it’s normal is a bit weird.

All in all, I can’t wait for the next installment. Especially with THAT ending!


Catch a Tiger by the Tail Book Cover Catch a Tiger by the Tail
THIRDS book 6
Charlie Cochet
Urban Fantasy
Dreamspinner Press
February 5, 2016
ARC copy received from the author

Calvin Summers and Ethan Hobbs have been best friends since childhood, but somewhere along the line, their friendship evolved into something more. With the Therian Youth Center bombing, Calvin realizes just how short life can be and no longer keeps his feelings for his best friend a secret. Unfortunately, change is difficult for Ethan; most days he does well to deal with his Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety. Calvin’s confession adds a new struggle for Ethan, one he fears might cost him the friendship that’s been his whole world for as long as he can remember.

As partners and Defense Agents at the THIRDS, being on Destructive Delta is tough at the best of times, but between call-outs and life-threatening situations, Calvin and Ethan not only face traversing the challenges of their job, but also working toward a future as more than friends.

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