Holiday stories: review of Another Gift by D.C. Williams

Title: Another Gift (Unexpected Gifts #2)
Author: D.C. Williams
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: contemporary m/m
Rating: 3 stars
Source: copy provided by the author
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Blurb: An urgent phone call in the middle of the night sends Nick and Leon on a rescue mission.

Leon’s youngest brother, Jared, is desperate and homeless after he is rejected by their parents.

Amidst the bustle of the holiday season and a trip with Nick’s relatives Nick and Leon incorporate the damaged teenager into their little family.

Now that they have been led to one another, can Nick and Leon put away the past and commit to each other fully in the sight of God?

Review: Another Gift is a short story that follows Unexpected Gifts, a story about Nick and Leon and their relationship. It’s also a story I haven’t read (yet). There are several short stories in this series.

My guess is that Another Gift picks up after the first story. Nick & Leon receive a call that Leon’s younger – teen – brother is in trouble. A brother he hasn’t seen in a while. Jared has been living on the street and hustling to get by. The dynamics between Nick and Leon change when Jared comes into their lives. On top of that, it’s the holiday season. Will everything work out?

Another Gift should be read in order, that way it makes more sense and you understand the relationship between Nick and Leon. For me there was a lot of guessing about what was going on and about Nick & Leon’s past, plus the slightly strange relationship Nick has with his parents. Who love their son, but can’t accept that he is gay.

It’s a good story to read and certainly in light of the holidays. There was a lot of detail in the story. I liked how Nick and Leon were practical enough to not assume Jared was fine, but took him to a doctor to be checked out. Also that Jared is not perfect and is rebellious and hesitant about his place in the family.

On the annoying side, the constant use of ‘babe’ was a bit frustrating. Made me want to start singing “Babe”.

I found the writing to be alright, there is a lot of telling and description of what the characters are doing, which made it a bit of a cross between a theater play and a story. At times it took a bit away from the flow of the story, but not in a troubling way.

The characters are nicely drawn out. There is a lot of focus on the relationship between Nick and Leon, for such a short story, maybe a bit too much. There are a lot of plot angles in this story and due to the length they didn’t always come to rights. However, as this is an ongoing series, I’m sure they’ll come back in future books.

Overall Another Gift is a nice short holiday themed story by author that show a lot of promise.

Why you should read it: Another Gift should be read in order with the rest of the series. If so it will make a nice continuation of the series and it comes in a holiday package. It’s a nice, short, feel good story.

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