Duo Book Review: The Gallery – The Permanent Collection and the Special Exhibits by Megan Derr

Both The Gallery stories are a series of short stories that revolve around the mysterious gallery where no painting is just a painting and no exibition is the same. The first book The Permanent Collection is set not only around a serie of paintings that are a permanent fixture in the Gallery – for different reasons – it’s also about how the Gallery gained an assistant and an introduction of sorts.

The second book: The Special Exhibits is also a series of short stories, but this time they are more kinky. It isn’t called the Special Exhibit for nothing!

The stories in The Gallery started life in some form on the author’s website, but have been adapted in the form of a novel and extended and added too. I admit I didn’t read the stories on the website, so I went into both stories without prior knowledge or expectations.

I loved both books, but The Permanent Collection was my favorite. I liked how Rex came to work for the Gallery and how he is a fixture in almost all the stories in the book. The stories were all very well crafted and very sexy, but they aren’t just erotica, there is a story to it as well and I love how that was balanced. The stories are very imaginative witht the Gallery as the central setting.

The Special Exibits was also a lovely book. It’s a good continuation of the series, but I did miss the red line the first book had. The stories are nicely done, but a lot more kinky than the the first book, though they are just as sweet.

Sometimes it is nice to read that is alright to be different.

The writing on both books is good and solid, like we know and have come to expect from the author. I’m looking forward to reading more in this series.


The Gallery: The Permanent Collection + The Special Exhibits Book Cover The Gallery: The Permanent Collection + The Special Exhibits
The Gallery
Megan Derr
Urban Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, Adventure
Less than Three Press
May 9th 2018 & July 18th 2018
65 + 66
A copy was provided through Netgalley

Welcome to the Gallery, where powerful beings enjoy peace, quiet, and the company of each other, where they are free to love as they choose, be it one, many, or anything in between.

The Permanent Collection comprises those paintings which never leave the Gallery. The beings within these paintings have bargained with the Curator to stay on forever in return for gifting him their powers, resources, or knowledge. They help the Curator in running the Gallery, and provide sustenance for the Curator.

Today's featured pieces include: The Assistant, about a lonely, misunderstood young man and the unusual new job he is offered by the mysterious curator; The Tycoon is about a rough and powerful man who went missing several years ago, and has every intention of remaining so; Three Kings once walked away from their kingdoms, and now spend their days with each other; The Bastard Son is about a man who once fled betrayal and heartache, and now uses his deadly skills and famous sword to defend the Gallery. And in The Demon Slayer, an angel arrives to find the gallery under attack, and soon one demon is slain while another falls…

The Special Exhibits

Welcome to the Gallery, where you can admire hundreds of beautiful paintings, and perhaps find what you didn't know you were looking for...

In these rooms you will find the Special Exhibits, those paintings which remain at the Gallery only temporarily. Their time here can range from weeks to decades—even centuries. But they do eventually leave, so admire while you can. The subjects of these paintings come from all walks of life, from lonely individuals seeking respite while they await their true love, all the way to dangerous beings captured by the Curator or given to him for safekeeping until such time as they can be trusted out in the world again.

Today's featured Special Exhibits include: The Assassin, about a killer on the run and a painting of a man who once chose surrender over murder; The Lion and the Mouse, where a grouchy accountant escapes the snow only to find himself on a beach with an ancient gladiator; The Gargoyle is a beautiful, erotic statue not for the faint of heart; Shapeless brings a new and rather unique guest to the gallery when he is bequeathed to Silenus by a dead alchemist; and finally, in Fallen Soldier, a man escaping his kidnappers hides behind a statue of an unusual being who once betrayed a dying kingdom...

Author's Note: Two of these stories were freebies on my website. They have been edited for re-release, and received minor changes, but nothing major.

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