ARC Comic review: Cucumber Quest – The Flower Kingdom by Gigi D.G.

Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom is the fourth book in The Cucumber Quest and the comic has the honor to be the first comic to be reviewed at Bookwinked.

I’ve been reading comics of and on for years, but never though to review one, so when I saw that Netgalley has the option to review comics, I thought I’d try something new.

The Flower Kingdom was not the easiest first comic to review as it turned out to be the fourth book in the series and I – of course – missed that completely. So while I liked what I read, it won’t go into detail on the story much as I missed a great deal of it.

Cucumber Quest is a comic series intended for young readers. My guess is from 8 years old and up. The comic has a whimsical feal to it. It’s bright and colorful and is visually attractive to read, especially for young readers. It’s detailed, but not overly so that it is too distracting for young readers.

I found the writing to be strong and funny and witty. It doesn’t come over as typical good versus evil, but at the same time I am missing part of the story.

All in all I liked what I read, but especially the style of drawing. It was attractive and dreamy and perfect for young readers.


Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom Book Cover Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom
Cucumber Quest
Gigi D.G.
Comic, children's comics, adventure
First Second
October 9th 2018
A copy was provided through Netgalley

What's in a name?

In order to defeat the Nightmare Knight, legend dictates that the DreamSword must be autographed by seven princesses. But things get a bit complicatedwhen our heroes discover that the Flower Kingdom has no royalty! Luckily, the"king" of fashion, Mr. R is on the hunt for the new face of his styleempire, and whoever catches his eye will be named... (wait for it...)"Princess R"!

Who will claim the coveted title? And why does it feel like we'reforgetting something important...?

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