A Prince, a knight, dragons, magic and a mystery and more. An ARC-review for Twilight by Megan Derr


Tell us about Twilight
Twilight is the 7th instalment in the Dance with the Devil series set in a dangerous world of paranormals and in different era’s. In Twilight we see some of the characters we saw in the earlier books, particular Midnight (Twilight is set around 70 years after Midnight), and also Shield of the Dragon. In fact, reading Shield of the Dragon only wetted my appetite for this book. I’d hoped we would see a story around Avalon and Caliburn.

With Twilight, a few of the questions about the series come together and it was very nicely done too. One thing in particular I didn’t see coming.

What is the story about?
In Twilight it’s back to the motley crew we met in Midnight. It was nice to see Neirin, Barra, Troyes, Midnight and Devlin again. Of course, they are up to no good and getting into trouble in no time. This time Avalon in Caliburn are thrown in the mix with the theft of a Holy Pendragon, a theft that sets in motion a host of events and some that seem inevitable.

I won’t say a lot about what the plot is about, you have to read it and experience the adventures of this motley and unlikely band of friends for your own. I will say that you won’t be disappointed. Especially by Caliburn. He’s fascinating.

What are your thoughts on Twilight?
Twilight is a book worth reading. It’s heavy on the adventure. The book is split in three parts, each focussing on a different character and carrying a different aspect of the plot. This makes it so you get the story from different points of view.

A lot happens in the story and it’s prudent you’ve read the other stories in the series or some of the plot, but also the little details and nuance will be lost.

The book is first an action/adventure/mystery first and a romance second. There is the established one between Barra, Neirin and Troyes and Avalon and Caliburn second, though the two get mixed up as well as their dragons. I loved how the dragon culture is mixed up in everything. It was wonderfully done. It’s a lovely twist on the Arthurian legends, though it’s confusing when Avalon is a person and not a place!

The story and world-building are awesome. There are battles against some rotten characters, betrayal, magic, paranormals, demons and mysteries.

There are also possible hints for future stories, which I really really hope there will be, because this series has the best dragon stories ever. I know, this really is not a very objective review!

My only real complaint about this story was that it ended waaaaaaaay before I was ready!

How is the writing?
The writing is as always typically Megan Derr and it fits the story beautifully. The only thing that was confusing sometimes was the way the telepathic dialogue (there’s something you never thought I’d say) between Caliburn and Avalon. But that was more the way it was formatted than the way it was written. But as this is an ARC, it’s not the final version.

How do you rate this story?
With 5 stars

Twilight Book Cover Twilight
Dance with the Devil #7
Megan Derr
Paranormal romance, fantasy
Less than Three Press
April 5, 2017
A copy was provided by the publisher through Netgalley

More than seventy years have passed since Neirin du Lac was banished from the dragon clans he called home. Though he misses them, he and his dragon Troyes have built a happy life with his lover Barra, and their friends Devlin and Midnight. It is a not a life he would ever trade, not even for a chance to return to the clans.

Then the very last person he ever expected to see again comes begging for help: Prince Avalon Pendragon, ruler of the clans, a man Neirin once called friend, once wished to call lover. When Avalon tells him why he needs Neirin's help, it's not a request he can refuse, nor can his friends refuse to help him.

But the people bold enough to steal from the clans are not to be trifled with, and in the midst of fighting for their lives Neirin also finds himself caught between the man he loves now and the man he never truly left behind…

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