: Shine Forever (Missing Butterfly #3)
Author: Megan Derr
Publisher: Less than Three Press
Genre: m/m contemporary romance
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
Source: a copy provided by NetGalley
Release date: March 11, 2015
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Blurb: Dai gave up everything when he ran away with his cousin, traded a life of wealth, power, and security to create their band and live the way they want. The one thing he refuses to do is hide; he’s worked way too hard, and given up way too much, to pretend to be something he’s not.

Cooper never anticipated he would trade rodeo fame for country music stardom. But the secret he had to keep for his own safety is now a secret he has to keep to protect his band. The one thing he can never do is make his sexuality public; he’s sacrificed far too much to risk it all by airing personal matters.

But when a chance meeting turns into a passionate night that neither can forget, a tenuous relationship neither wants to let go, someone is going to have to break the rules…

 Review: According to the author, Shine Forever was not a story she thought she’d write. I for one am very glad she did. While it did not have the shine Missing Butterfly had, it was a fantastic read and a great addition to the series.

Shine Forever is a contemporary romance between a rock singer with some fetishes up his sleeve and a not so conservative country singer with a secret. While a romance with a character in the closet or a romance set on the music world is nothing new, the plot, the characters and some twists and turns are a refreshing wind. Shine Forever has none of the glamorous perfectly hot rockers or singers, but alternative, flawed characters and one with a wicked fetish for underwear.

There are quite a few gay romance stories set in the music world, but for Shine Forever is the characters that make the story. Dai and Cooper have their story to tell and they do so in style and with their own voice. The reader is part of the story, there are few parts of the story that are told – with the exception of some back story – and I like that. Quite a few romance stories have a tendency to tell a lot of the background/parts/history etc to get to the point where they want to be.

I liked how we got to know Cooper and Dai, how they met and started their romance and how it developed. At the end of the story, there is still a bit to tell, which we know from Jet’s story. So we know Dai and Cooper’s story is not quite finished. For me it was good to know that it doesn’t have that perfect fits all, happy ever after ending. It makes the story more believable. No worries, there is no open ending or anything, but it fits with Jet’s story. In fact, Shine Forever should probably have been place before Love you like a Romance Novel.

Quote taken from Shine Forever by Megan Derr

Dai is quite the sweetheart with a sound head on his shoulders, despite some of the trouble he gets into with his cousin, or rather because of his cousin. He is very much unlike that typical image of a rockstar. He rather reads a book than work the scene. Despite his quiet demeanour (don’t rile him however) he’s not a bland person. But you’ll have to find that out for yourself.

Cooper on the other hand has that hot cowboy image going for him. He never expected to be in a band or even to become famous. Fame or no, he’s down to earth and there and can be quite stubborn if he sets his mind to it.

While the story revolves around Dai and Cooper, there are quite a few support characters, both old and new and they gave Shine Forever that balanced feel. It was good to see Jet and Jason again and I loved Henry’s character. She is quite the gal.

The writing was as good as we’ve come to expect from the author. I love the way a story comes together in this author’s hands. However, even though this was an ARC copy with final editing still ongoing and errors were to be expected, there were quite a few errors in spelling and grammar that I hope will be corrected before publishing.

Why you should read it: Shine Forever is a good addition to the Missing Butterfly series and fans will love it. It’s a well written romance story with two very hot characters in the lead who have quite the story to tell. Go play with the boys!

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