Writing reviews is a part of Bookwinked and I would love for a chance to review your book. Just know that this is a one person blog and I’ll try to review books as fast as I can, but that isn’t always possible.

If you want for Bookwinked to review your books, please contact me through the contactform or via Bookwinked82 (@) Please don’t send your book straight away, but ask if I have an available slot so that there will be no misunderstandings.

Ratings are a part of reviews. In the conclusion of the review – in which I point the good and the bad about a book as objectively as possible – I sum up the review in stars. What do these stars mean?

1 star out of 5 – There were just too many drawbacks with both the story, the writing and the plot.
2 stars out of 5  – The book was not for me. It was a little too hinky on the writing
3 stars out of 5 – The book was okay with okay writing and an okay story
4 stars out of 5 – I loved this book. It was great with some solid writing
5 stars out of 5 – This was one awesome, memorably book. It will go on my favorites list!