Weekend Reading: inspiration

It’s the weekend already. It sounds cliche, but the past week flew by. It was both busy and fun with a lot of things happening. I didn’t have time to read as much as I wanted to, but that happens sometimes. It did start to read a few of my old favorites that I tend to read when I’m busy and don’t want to become to engrossed in books. Among them were the Sam and Jory series by Mary Calmes. I always call the  A Matter of Time series cheese, but gouda cheese. It’s one of those series that puzzle me because I don’t know why I like them. If they were written by anyone else I would probably give them a one star. For some reason I just can’t help by like Jory and his (mis)adventures.

It’s not surprise them that A Matter of Time is on the list for this weekend’s reading inspiration. Before I get too engrossed in telling you why I like the series, here are a few books I think might be a lot of fun to read on the weekend


Working It by Christine D’Abo
I read this book earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. There will be an official review later. It’s a contemporary romance with slightly flawed characters and an office romance. It was a fun read with a slow burn romance.

A Matter of Time by Mary Calmes
Well, I already gushed about this series. I will warn you and say that this series is an acquired taste. You will either like Jory and Same and their assorted (mis)adventures and the drama they create, the way other men and women all at their feet or you won’t. It’s pretty much a character-driven story with some over the top drama, but a few pages in, you just can’t help but like Jory. And Sam and Jory might just melt the pages of your e-reader.

Of Last Resort by Megan Derr
Along with Sam and Jory, I also picked up one of my Megan Derr favorites (you might just have seen a few reviews for books by this author wink). It’s full of fantasy, adventure, drama, action and demons. The good kind of demons. The story is really not fluffy but on the good side of dark, with likeable, flawed characters that are in a tough situation. It’s a good book to pick up if you want to loose yourself in an action/adenture with romance on the side.


There you have it. This weekend’s eclectic mix of books of my choice for if you are looking for something to read. If you already got a (good) book, what are you reading?

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